Thursday, October 29, 2009


OK...I realize it has been a while since the last post!
We are doing well. Ta and Kam are growing. Ta says the funniest things. She started to say "nope" to me when she didn't want something so, I taught her to say "no mam" or "no thank you." The funny thing is she says "no mam" to Jacob! He really loves that.....
Kam is pulling herself up on everything. I can't believe she is already doing this. She is now sleeping about 4-6 hours straight at night, Praise the Lord. We started her on rice cereal and some 1st fruits and veggies. She gags every time I give her rice cereal!
We are going on Vacay on Sunday. We are headed west to Breckenridge, Colorado! My dad purchased a share in the Hilton Grand Vacation Club, about 5 years ago. So we have "free" vacations every odd year for life...all around the world....thank you daddy! Colorado, just had a huge snow storm so we are expected to see at least 4 feet of snow when we get there.
When we return, Jacob will be heading to Raleigh/Durham, North Carolina for the IHOP-Onething Regional Conference. He will represent the Luke 18 project.
I will post pictures when we return from our vacation!

Monday, October 12, 2009


Happy 6 month birthday to Kamdyn. She is 6 months old today! I can't believe how fast it is going.
My mom was here last week and we had such a great time. We took the girls to the pumpkin patch for the 1st time. Let me just say, it was freezing outside! But it wasn't about us it was for Ta and Kam but mostly Ta!
I have posted some pictures for that day.
We also dedicated Kamdyn on October 9th. It was so nice! She wore the bonnet that I wore when I was baptised as a baby. My mom saved it and found it right after Kamdyn was born. It was so cute, a little small for her head but cute!
The weather has been cold for October. We bought a log for the fireplace but have yet to put it on. The leaves are changing fast and falling fast as well. I hope this doesn't mean a cold winter. So much for global warming huh!
We are going on a family vacation in 3 weeks to Breckenridge, Colorado! We can't wait....for relaxation and nothing to do! Our lives have been so crazy that the last vacation was in April of 2008. So we can't wait for it to get here. When we get back Jacob will be traveling to North Carolina, for a Luke 18 summit in Raleigh Durham. Than we will be heading to Illinois for Thanksgiving. This will be Jacobs first Thanksgiving at home in 6 years! We've always gone home to my family.
We are super excited. Enjoy the new pics.

Friday, October 2, 2009


1st, Taylor turned 2 1/2 yesterday on the first. I can't believe she is already 2 1/2. Everyone keeps telling us how fast it will go and we are beginning to realize how fast she is growing up!
2nd, We are going to start Kamdyn on rice cereal tomorrow! She's been doing well just waking up more than normal at night so, I think she is growing and needs a little help at night time. I can't believe we are starting her already on cereal! I mean it feels like she was just born!
3rd, We just got a "new" van! It is a Honda Odyssey with 34,000 miles on it. The dealership had an extremely good deal on the van and we differently needed one. We were a one car family. Kamdyn and Taylor are both in car seats and they literally take up the whole back seat of our Honda Accord. So, we were really crammed in! We prayed about it for a long time and finally we were blessed with a van! We are super excited and can't wait to take our first road trip in it!
4th and last we had another bird fly into our window this morning. That would make 3 birds now and we've only lived here for 8 weeks!
I will post pictures soon