Thursday, February 21, 2013

Its been too long!

Now, I have so much time on my hands during the day to keep up with this blog. Not really! We're doing well. Loving life in Florida. Kids are doing well. Taylor, is 5 almost 6. She's a year a head in school. So, she currently doing 1st grade instead of kindergarden. She's excelling at reading and writing. She loves to help with Landri. She loves riding her bike and playing. Kamdyn, read her first real book yesterday. Yes, she is 3 almost 4. We've been working on sounding out words and putting them together. She's doing well with helping me with Landri. Harper, well he's a boy. He loves dirt, loves cars, trains and trucks! He's already eating us out of our house. We're working on our colors. He's doing well. So far, he has the color blue down. Landri, is doing well. She's sleeping, eating and growing. Her sisters and brother love her so much! She's in the 90% in weight and height. She giggled for the first time yesterday. Jake, is recording his 2nd album starting in April. He's super excited. He'll be recording it at a studio in North Carolina. The same studio that he used for his 1st cd. Me, I'm good. Trying to juggle 4 children. Someone once said that 3 child is dreading water and 4 children is sinking! Ha, I believe it. I enjoy them all but its overwhelming at times. So, pray for us!