Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy New Year....

2010 has been wonderful! We actually had a really uneventful year. We did celebrate and announce our first son and we are currently awaiting his arrival. I will be 40 weeks tomorrow on New Years Day. We will just have to wait and see. I'm not anxious or to the point where he has to come or else! I actually feel grace with this baby. With the first there is nothing else but waiting on the baby. With the second, we were occupied with being in Florida and now this time is just occupied with 2 other little girls and everything else.
We are looking forward to 2011. Jacob will be traveling once a month with Onething Regionals. He loves it.
We will celebrate 5 years of marriage in April.
Ta will be April. Wow, I can't believe it.
Kam will be April and I can't believe that either.
We are looking at a vacation in April, either to New England or to California. Haven't chosen the place yet...but we're excited.
Also, Onething has a tentative Alaska conference in June. If they do, Harper and I will tag along...and than we will spend a few days after site seeing. The girls will stay with my mom.
And of course we will welcome our first son Harper Caid sometime soon!

We pray that everyone has a safe and happy New Year!

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Christmas Pics

Here are just a few Christmas Pictures.
1. The Girls at the table eating breakfast....Yes, I allowed them to have 1 cookie that they made...for breakfast
2. All of the girls presents from Mommy and Daddy...we had another Christmas later with Nana...and I think they got twice the stuff!
3. Ta showing us her cookie...sorry!
4. Kamy showing us her cookie...and one messy face!
5. Our tree with our gifts....

Christmas Eve Pics

We bought the girls TOMS pink glitter shoes for Christmas and they opened them on Christmas Eve so they could wear them to church. If your not familiar with TOMS...just check them out at They are trendy shoes and expensive but, when you purchase a pair of shoes they make another pair for someone in another country. Someone who doesn't have shoes....So, its really worth it!

Saturday, December 25, 2010


I can't believe Christmas is coming to a close! What a day....and so much fun with the kids. We told Ta last night to come and wake us up in the morning and tell us it was time to open up presents. So, at 7:30am she walks into our room! We made her crawl into bed with us, until Kamy woke up and to just get a few more minutes of sleep.
We finally got up at 8. The girls opened there stockings and than they were starving so, they had breakfast. And by 9am all of the presents were opened! Jake and I put "Frosty the snow man" on for the girls to a cup of coffee and began opening our presents. We ate a huge brunch....and than the kids took a nap. Nana, came with gifts and we had a 2nd Christmas! Needless to say the girls had more presents than they knew what to do with and more princess stuff than Target!
Jake cooked dinner....which was kinda a first. I just didn't want to feel the pressure of a huge dinner at 39 weeks pregnant. I cooked Thanksgiving and forgot a few main ingredients! I did however make the came from Southern Living was amazing... Jake did an awesome job....I mean quality and classy!
Now, were in the waiting game...for baby Harper to arrive. I'm excited to not be pregnant for a long long time!
On a side note.....a little exert from today, while opening presents, Taylor really wanted the full set of Disney Princess dolls from Target. They have the look of a Barbie but are princesses. We opened all of our presents and had Ta open this present last...when she opened it...she said "thats what I'm talking about" over again. Pretty priceless if you ask me (thats what video cameras are for!)
Merry Christmas from Jacob, Lacy, Taylor and Kamdyn

Friday, December 24, 2010

Happy Christmas Eve!

As I blog, it is snowing outside. Were suppose to get a dusting to 1 inch. Last year at this time, we already had some where between 5 inches on the ground and it was still coming down hard. It was the largest snow fall in like 50 year for KC on Christmas eve and Christmas day.
I absolutely love Christmas in KC. It is beautiful. The Plaza is beautiful, Overland Park, Ward, just so classy at Christmas!
I am 39 weeks pregnant and we are just in the waiting game now. Not really sure if he will come early or late. Were ready and getting excited!
Christmas is all ready, presents are wrapped, brunch and dinner planned. Jake will be doing the cooking this year. He is super excited and I am actually surprised that I am allowing him to take full control of the food. Sometime, I have a control issue! I will be making the dessert though...Its from my all time favorite magazine "Southern Living." I'm super bumped!
Tonight, we will take the kids to a giant puppet show at a church. They are telling the story of Jesus with puppets after that we will attend the FCF Christmas service. I love Christmas eve services. I've grown up going and just absolutely love the songs and the time to celebrate Jesus' birth. I hope everyone has a great day....
Happy Christmas Eve!!!!

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

The making of a little guitar player! The guitar came from Grandma and Grandpa.....

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Ferrell Family 2010

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38 weeks and Christmas!

I am 38 weeks today...I still can't get over how fast this is going. We are all getting excited to meet our son and brother "Harper." I'm excited to have this baby at crawl into my bed after and have my mom take the girls! I'm excited to have Debbie Perry as my midwife....she is an amazing Godly woman, who's been doing this for decades! I'm excited for them to meet him when he is born and for them to give him the bear we made at "Build a Bear." Exciting times in the Ferrell home!

We started Christmas week off with Friday night Christmas lights...we drove around and looked at Christmas lights. Saturday, we took the girls to see the Nutcracker for the 2nd year in a row. We are actually looking into getting Ta,now that she is 3 into the Kansas City Ballet. She takes ballet now, but she seems really interested and this would give her the chance to dance in the Nutcracker. Kam, wasn't as cooperative this year as last. But it worked and she will be better next year. Jake and Harper will stay home! Thank you Nana, for a wonderful night! Today, we baked sugar cookies again. This time we did it all as a family...Jake, Ta, Kam and myself. We will ice the cookies tomorrow. We have something planned for each day...I love Christmas! Friday, we will bake our "Happy Birthday Jesus" cake and attend Forerunner's Christmas Eve Service!
Merry Christmas Week!!!

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Happy Birthday!!!

December 17, marks a remarkable woman's Nanie! When I was growing up, we always spelt it Nana...but now she refers to herself as Nanie, because my mom refers to herself as Nana!

I won't tell your age I promise.....

I grew up with in 2 miles of my Nanie. So, needless to say we have memories, memories and many, many stories! We had so much fun...going to the beach, riding bikes, playing school (Mrs Blackbottom), doing hair, swimming, watching Topper and just hanging out!

She taught me how to drive at 14, which when your think thats awesome, my parents did not...but I did!

She is a Godly woman, who loves Jesus and taught me even when I was young to always "Pray for a parking space" and I do...every time I go some where...the mall, grocery store, etc etc....I pray for a good space and it really works, every time! It taught me early on that Jesus really does care even in the small things and he does say be in prayer always!

Nana or Nanie, I love you and you mean the world to me....Happy Birthday. Thank you for all the wonderful years and years to come....! I hope your day is filled with Joy and Love.....That the Lord would shine his face on you tomorrow....!

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Jacob, Taylor and I took a ministry trip to Wilmington, Ohio back in September 2008. We randomly met through Myspace....Robyn and Larry Morris who through blood, sweat, tears and finances, have started the WHOP (Wilmington House of Prayer.) They invited us to come for a conference. Jake preached and lead worship. We weren't really sure why we went but we felt connect instantly and knew the Lord was doing something in Wilmington and with our friendship.
At the time they didn't have a building, they were sharing space with a church and praying for a place.
Within the past two years, they have 11 churches in the area that support the house of pray and now have a building that is open and people are praying/worshiping 24/7.

We stayed in touch and this past September 2010, Robyn and Larry came to Kansas City for a visit. They were able to stay with us and we reconnected.....and just felt like we didn't miss a beat!

Anyways.......long story short...Just want the show, conservative or liberal. I cried, felt the Holy Spirit and cried a little more.....!

Sunday, December 12, 2010


Our first snow happened last night...I didn't think it would stick but, it did. About an inch was on the ground this am when we woke up! The kids were so excited to go and took about 30 mins to get dressed and about 30 mins outside...until they were freezing!

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Christmas Cookies

We made Christmas cookies.....and the girls loved it!


These are pictures from the last of the leaves! My mom, Ta and Kam loved playing in them after Jake racked them up. We counted a total of 70+ bags of the ones that were mulched into the grass!

Friday, December 10, 2010

Big Sisters

We took Taylor and Kamdyn to the Build a Bear Workshop today in the mall. I wanted them to make a bear for their baby brother Harper. We let them choose everything, bear, clothing, shoes, name etc...etc...and they both gave it a heart. If you have ever done a build a bear than you know what I'm talking about! They actually did a really good job working together on it. Its a cream bear with a t-shirt that say's "Its a boy." They picked out "boy" skinny jeans and black converse shoes! He's already styling.... We named him "blue bear." So, when Harper arrives they can give him this bear.
We also made T-shirts last week that say "big sister 1" and "big sister 2" on them. We still have to put our hand prints on the back. Hopefully, we will get to that this week! When Harper is born they can wear the t-shirts.
We have to know find two little presents from Harper to his sisters!
I can't believe I am 37 weeks. I am currently considered full term and that means we can now deliver at home with Debbie (our amazing midwife). We had a home birth planned with Kamdyn but, most of you know the story. So, we didn't get to do our home birth but, instead we had her at a birthing center in Cape Coral, Florida. Which was amazing, beautiful and did I say amazing! Taylor, was born in the hospital and it wasn't bad but it felt so dirty and just not what we wanted. So, needless to say I am so excited to have Harper at home and to not have to go any where but here, no bags to pack...nothing!
We are pretty much ready for Christmas. Jake will be out of town tomorrow but, not over night...just in case!
Sunday, the former leader of the Assembly of God church will be at IHOP. They are holding a 12 hour prayer meeting for the poor. He will be busy with over seeing the 6pm-12pm. The following Saturday we are headed to the Nutcracker again. Last year, Taylor sat completely still for 2 hours and she still talks about going. I wonder what Kamdyn will do?!?

Thursday, December 2, 2010


The Kiddos.....
1. Ta got to put the star on the tree this year!
2. Kam didn't want her picture taken!
3. Both the girls didn't want their picture taken!