Tuesday, November 30, 2010


I just realized, that the whole month of November will be slipping by, if I do not blog tonight! What a busy and fast month. We had fall parties, Jake was gone every weekend except for Thanksgiving weekend and of course Thanksgiving.
We celebrated Thanksgiving at our house this year. It was the first and oh so much fun cooking all of the items....I did do one stupid thing....with this preggo brain...I think it just gets worse with the amount of pregnancies! I was so excited to try out a new cheesecake recipe, cranberry cheesecake. I found it on Pioneer Woman, so I knew it would be good! Well, after I put it in the oven, I started to take a picture because I was so proud.....and totally remembered I forgot to put 3 eggs in the pie! Yes, 3 whole eggs...needless to say the pie was OK, it did have a thousand cracks.
We are doing well as a family. I am now 35 1/2 weeks pregnant. I can't believe that in a week and a half I will be full term!
We made "big sister" t-shirts, so when Harper arrives the girls can sport there homemade shirts.
We already got our Christmas tree and have completely finished shopping for the girls! They will be so surprised at Christmas, we can't wait. It was so much fun shopping for them with Jake. I know he kept thinking that next year there will be some boy toys in this cart!
I have a baby shower on Saturday and than after that, we are going to Illinois. Jake will be preaching at his grandma's church on Sunday. He also wants to take the girls to "Candy Cane Lane" a place that he would go to when he was little. Its full of lights and fun things. And of course we will be celebrating Christmas with the grandparents!
Well Happy End of November!
I have new pics they are saved on Jake's Mac...I will post them soon!