Sunday, August 18, 2013


We start our second year of homeschooling tomorrow! The girls are so excited. Taylor 6, will be doing a 2nd grade curriculum. Kamdyn 4, will start kindergarden. Harper 2, will just try not to break or hurt himself while we homeschool. Landri 9mths, will hopefully do something she doesn't do often and nap. We look forward to this year. I'm super excited for our kids.

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

The crew!

5 months?

I can't believe its been 5 full months since my last blog! Time has flown by. We are well. We've been in Fort Lauderdale, Florida for a year. Taylor, is 6. She turned 6 in April. She's fully reading at a 3rd grade level. She loves to sing and read her bible. Every night, she wants to read her bible in bed. She's a go getter for sure. She's lost two bottom teeth and has grown a few inches Kamdyn, is 4. She turned 4 in April. She's spelling and is reading basic words. She can swim with out a float. One night we told her, we would give her a full bowl of chocolate chips if she took her vest off to swim. Sure enough she took it off and swam across the pool, long ways! She's getting big! Harper, he's 2 1/2. He is all boy. He eats us out of our house, already! I bought him a soft baseball bat and ball. He hasn't put it down. He is currently sleeping with it, in his big boy bed! We made the switch from crib to big boy bed in June. He loves it! He's also almost fully potty trained. Landri, is 8 months! WOW! I can't believe she's already that big. She's crawling, pulling herself up, eating food. Tonight, she almost put her leg up on the second stair. She has yet to sleep through the night! She's the baby for sure. Jake and I are doing well. Jake, is almost done recording his 2nd album. Just a few more "layers" and he will be finished. It should be out by Christmas. My photography business, has picked back up since moving. We're busy as always with 4 kids.