Thursday, June 23, 2011


Jacob, got the job! He is now the part time worship pastor at a local church, in Lee's Summit. They have about 1500 members on the books. I am so proud of him.
We are still on full time staff at IHOP and he is still co-running the events department, which he loves.
This is a part time paid position which is great and this is what he is called to do "worship lead!"
I'm so proud of you, babe!!!

Sunday, June 19, 2011


Summer, almost!
We've had such a crazy weather season. I can't even begin to explain how scary the noise of the tornado sound is. Growing up where tornado sirens are not even seen or heard of, its sounds like a nuclear bomb warning! I am ready to get past this.
Everyone is changing and doing well.
Jake had an awesome trip to Nicaragua. He has some amazing stories. One story, he stayed in a "hotel" in the mountains and the power went out. The hotel had back up generators but the generators did not run the air conditioning. So, needless to say he was sweating all night long, waking every 30 minutes. The story gets better, not only was there no air but there were termites all over the ceiling and termite eggs on the bedding. OH MY WORD! Him and the two other guys in the room slept with the light on because the termites were attracted to the light! I think I would have freaked freaked out! On a side note, he was really impacted when he visited the orphanage. They have nothing and are still happy! He had a great time.
The kids are getting big! Ta, is entering a new stage yet again. I classify this stage as the "pushing buttons" stage. She loves to ask questions and really loves to learn. We are working on sounding words out.
Kamdyn, well she changed over night. She's saying full blown sentences and asking questions. She watching everything Ta does. They are doing well, sharing a room, sometimes!
Harper, he's getting bigger. He's acting like he wants to crawl but not even close. He's doing better at sleeping, about 5 hours first and than another 5-6 hrs. He takes 2 long naps and 1 30min nap still.
Jake, has his final interview with Woods Chapel Church tomorrow. He's applied for the Worship Leaders job. It requires, Sunday mornings and a Thursday night practice. He would continue all his responsibilities with IHOP. We're super excited for him and this new journey.
Enjoy the pictures!

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Happy Birthday MOM!

Today, is my mom's birthday!
I am so grateful for you. You are a kind, gentle and loving person.
I love how you love your grandchildren and they adore you!
I'm so thankful that you live close.
I'm thankful for you!
Love you mom...Happy Birthday!

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Harper, is 5 months old today. Not sure where its gone, but its going!
He's such a good boy. Doing better at sleeping. He rolls over both ways and loves to sleep on his stomach. He loves to cuddle.
Taylor, had her very first ballet recital yesterday. She takes ballet with Forerunner Arts, they are apart of IHOP. They danced the story of the Exodus. Her class the 3-4 year olds were the locust and "let my people go, dancers." I have to say it was really really cute! She was so proud and she was in the front row as well! We gave her flowers and she had a cupcake after.
Kamdyn, well...she is into everything! She loves to wear her tap shoes around the house, all day everyday. She loves to talk and is starting to be more social. She will not stay in her big girl bed what so ever....I think we go in at least 10 times every night and tell her to get back in bed!
We planted another garden this year. So excited to see what we get! Last year it started off well, but I was so sick with Harper, I didn't even want to touch it, hear about it or look at it!
Jake, goes to Nicaragua for 5 days this month. I can't believe it is already here. We are super excited.
Jake also lead worship today at a local church. He applied for the part time worship position at the church.
They currently have 1500 members and 4 services,
2 traditional and 2 contemporary. He would still be at IHOP full time and would continue with his work schedule as normal, we would be attending this church on Sundays and he would have practice on Thursdays. So, nothing would change as far as IHOP goes! We are super excited and love the people at Woods Chapel Church.
Me, I'm doing well. Love being a mom of 3! Call me crazy but it is such a blessing. I remind myself daily that "Children are a reward, from the Lord." There's never a dull moment in our house, not even at rest time!
Enjoy the pictures!