Tuesday, September 30, 2008

"The Kissing Hand"

Today, I was reading Taylor the book called "The Kissing Hand." Its about a raccoon who doesn't want to go to his first day of school, because he is scared. His mother tells him in the book, that it will be ok. He will meet new friends and play with new toys. So, she tells him that she has a little secret. She says open up your hand and as he did she kissed the palm of his hand. This is a kissing hand she says. When ever you get scared or don't want to do something just press this hand to your heart, I will always be with you. The kiss will never go away, even when you wash you hands. As I was reading this part of the book, Taylor put her hand to my mouth and wanted me to kiss it. NO JOKE! I started crying. For one, I couldn't believe that she understood what I was telling her and two she wanted me to show her affection! It melted my heart!

Even at 18 months Ta is understanding affection and learning how to love. If you have a little one, get the book!

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Great weekend

We had a great weekend this past weekend, just outside of Dayton, Ohio. Jacob, Taylor and I went to the Wilmington House of Prayer on a ministry trip. It was wonderful to minister to the people at WHOP and to have them minister to us! Jacob, preached 3 times on Saturday and 2 times on Sunday. So, pray for him because he is wipped out! He will be going to Greenville, NC this weekend. Taylor and I are not going. We try to go with him once a month. It would be difficult on Ta to go more than that.

On a side note, I have begun painting again. I saw some plates in an Anthropologie magazine and loved them. They're a set of 4. They are way to expensive to purchase, so I decided to paint them and here is the first one!

Thursday, September 18, 2008

New Pics from August

1. We started off the month with a fat lip!
2. Playing with her friend Kiah and the pool! She was tired!
3. On the way home from the Todd Bentley Conference
4. Playing in the rain from Hurricane Fay
5. playing in the rain again from Fay!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008


1. Ok...So, I haven't forgotten about the pictures, I just haven't been able to post any. The computer that we are using right now doesn't have the program that is needed to download pictures from our camera. Our new laptop cord is coming in this week. So, I promise I will post the August pictures as soon as the cord comes in.
2. It is finally feeling like fall in the Carolina's! I love fall! The trees are so beautiful here starting in October..and the weather is gorgeous.
3. I am 11 weeks now and feeling much better! Taylor, is getting so big... She is starting to use actual words in sentences. Just some examples...."Hi Momma," "Hi Dadda," "My WaWa," "I loll u."
So cute! She is in such a fun age!
4. I am looking forward to the state fair next month in Columbia, SC! We are planning on going down on a Wednesday, spending the whole day at the fair and than spending the night and spending Thursday morning there as well. Did I mention, I am so excited to eat the food!!!!!
Well I think that is it. I will post pictures when we get back from Ohio this weekend!

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

I know...I know

I know its been a while....since the last post. I have a few good reasons why...1. I haven't been feeling very well, but hopefully I am out of that...2. Our power cord to our computer stopped working..So, I could post anything!
August was a pretty busy month for us. I have lots of pictures to show! I will try to break them up in sections.
I am about 9 weeks prego now. I am super excited to get out of my first trimester! I can't explain how tired I have been. My mom and mom-in-love our here visiting. They have been such a big help with Ta especially, when I'm not feeling well or when I need to take a nap.
We will be heading to Ohio in two weeks for a ministry trip! We are super excited to go and meet the wonderful people at the WHOP-Ohio. Then, Jacob will be returning to Greenville, NC the 26th of this month. He will be leading a team and he will be preaching at there weekend conference. Please pray both trips are fruitful!
On a side note.....it was my dad's birthday yesterday! Happy Birthday daddy!
Well...keep an eye out for our August pictures! I will post them sometime today...