Friday, March 27, 2009

Taylor is turning 2!!!

What did you say? Yes, Ta is turning 2 on Wednesday, April 1st. We can't believe she will be 2 either! It's funny how when I was younger, I never think that time will ever go by...and now that I'm a little older...(Ha) it just seems to fly by.
I of course will post something on Wednesday but, I was just thinking of Ta now....and how special, wonderful, a joy, funny, beautiful, miss personality...she is to us.
Something very important to us is raising her up in the Lord and we are starting to see little pieces of our labor! Its very important to us to set our children before the Lord and knowing that we are doing so.....but actually seeing her respond to what Jacob and I are doing makes our hearts come alive. Our eyes our filled with tears every time she raises her hands to a song...or when she says "momma pray" or "daddy pray." Its true our children watch everything and learn everything from us! OK enough about all of this...I will post a little more on Wednesday!
Oh I forgot to mention....were getting Ta a really cool gift and I will post a picture of that as well on Wednesday!!!
Oh and speaking of pictures....I haven't forgotten to take them...we actually keep a disposable camera around, 1 for every month...but I just haven't downloaded the digital camera to the, I will post some of Ta shortly!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

New Challenge!

Jacob and I faced a new challenge last night! Our daughter Taylor, woke up not feeling well....She will be 2 next Wednesday, April 1st and had yet to be sick.
(So I feel like we did pretty good!) She woke up with a terrible cry and we knew something was wrong...She had gotten sick in her bed....than again on Jacob, when he was caring her to the bath to clean her off and yet again in our bed all in the matter of about 2 hours. This was at 1:00am ish in the morning! We had to completely strip Ta's bed and ours...clean her crib off and the floor....and start laundry all in the middle of the night! I have to say I do have a great husband...he cleaned the floors, stripped our bed and started laundry....while I gave Ta a bath!
After reviewing the nights events together today and completely cleaning the house from top to bottom today...I discovered that I have an awesome husband...he didn't complain at all, he took the day off to help me clean, do laundry and to be with Ta....he just did it all...! What an amazing man! I love you babe.......

Saturday, March 21, 2009

You will want to hear this!

Yep...promise! Ok, I have had a calcium build up/sist on my hand for about a year now. I strained it caring a bunch of clothes on hangers...Well, I almost got to the point of dropping a book on it...but I didn't!
The lady that I talked about in the last post, who grinds her own grain...has 7 children and she said that within a week a couple of her kids noticed that there worts were going away...I thought "yeah right!"
Well, I was sitting here tonight looking at my hands and noticed that the sist is all of a sudden almost gone and very soft! I really can't believe this! I made some bagels the other night and we have been eating them every morning for breakfast...So, here's my throught...if you are not grinding your own really works! I mean the bread companies strip all the nutrients out of bread and bread is actually vital for your health! I haven't done too much research, but were sold and thats enough for me!
Well, Praise the Lord!

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Grinding Grain!

Yeah...I am finally grinding our own wheat and grain. Last year Jacob went on a ministry trip to Atlanta, Georgia. He stayed with a family that did this. Jacob told the mom of the house that I wanted to start doing this, so she gave him a CD called "Eating the bread of Idols." I really never got around to the CD and never really got around to grinding our own grain....Well, I listened to the CD 2 months ago and I can't explain how convicting it was. If you want a copy just let me know or you can check out the website The lady on the CD (not the same one that Jacob stayed with) has done her research for the last 20 years on the benefits of grinding your own grain/wheat's. She also, sells a cookbook that provides recipes of all different breads, deserts, bagels, soups, dinner items, breakfast items etc, and what kind of wheat to use. She also mentions the benefits of Honey vs. the cons of white and brown sugar (refined)..which we have been working on not eating as well. We purchased this cookbook and love it....I would recommend this book....
So, I did make some bagels for the first time tonight...The recipe will have to be performed a few more times to get it correct...but it wasn't bad for my first try! Let me know if anyone has any questions regarding the CD....

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Praise Report

Well, after I posted the last post...we have received all of our cloth diapers...we have 6 bumgemius one size and 25 indian prefold diapers!!! Praise the Lord....We also got our bathtub and we are working on getting the changing table..
We diffently do not need to have a shower for Kamdyn...and never throught we did until I was sitting down thinking about what we didn't have...! But, now we have all that we need!
We also, will be getting the cradle that my dad slept in when he was a baby.. his grandfather, so my great grandfather, Kamdyn and Taylor's great, great grandfather made for his twin babies to sleep in...and now Kamdyn will sleep in it! Talk about an honor to have the cradle! It makes me emotionaly excited to share this with my children...!
Well, praise the Lord, he is good and faithful to us!

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Needs for Kamdyn

Well, I was sitting here thinking about the arrival of our 2nd little girl Kamdyn. She is suppose to be here in 3-4 weeks. We are supper excited but are realizing how many things we still need and thought that we had. We are not having a baby shower for her. I guess because its our second little girl and we have plenty of clothes!
I did register today at and We have received some of our cloth diapers but, I spoke with another mom who says she has about 30. So, we do need more cloth diapers!
I realized the other day that I threw out Taylor's baby bath tub when she out grew it because it was gross! So, we do need another one of those. We also need another set of baby monitors and we would like to have a changing table. Those are on the registry from Target. Thanks ahead of time if you can help.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

36 weeks and an almost 2 year old

Well, I will be 36 weeks on Tuesday...that means 4 weeks left...! At least I think 4 weeks, could be more could be less who knows. We are getting excited and things are starting to come together. I was sorting through Ta's clothes (now Kamdyns) of when she was a newborn, it brought back memories....and I can't believe how small she was and how small newborns are! I know Ta is getting excited to "holl" her new sister...(holl means hold!)
Ta will be 2 in 3 weeks....I can't believe it! The time has gone by so fast, way too fast for me. She is a joy and such a beautiful little girl inside and out. She has a good and loyal heart. She is such a blessing to us!
We will be taking her to the ZOO for her birthday. She is excited, she say's ZOOP for my birthday....Lili's are lions! We are also having a family birthday party this year. Which will include Minnie Mouse decorations! She loves Mickey Mouse and she doesn't even know who Mickey Mouse is...So, were going with Minnie Mouse because its female! Oh and her present from mommy and daddy is a fish that looks like Nemo! Oh yeah and we will be taking her to get her first ice cream cone...from Brusters! We wanted to wait until her 2nd birthday to get her an ice cream cone! We do not eat a lot of white sugar, so we have wanted to wait to give her special ice cream....Were excited, she's excited, everyone's excited!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

New Update

We are currently 5 weeks away from having baby #2, Kamdyn Ruth. I can't believe it has gone by so fast! We are getting more excited and Taylor says "Ruth come out." She said Ruth because she really can't make out Kamdyn. She was saying "Mama" for a while but that has turned into Ruth. Which is really cute! On a side note...babies really take a lot out of the moms teeth! I have to wait to go to the dentist until after the baby is born, but she really has done a number! Even with taking calcium supplements (I found out I was not taking enough) she has pulled from my teeth....leaving me with a cracked tooth.... Oh gosh!
Yesterday, we received our first round of cloth diapers in the mail. 6 Bum Genius one size fits all. I was so excited to open the package! Excitement over diapers...who would have thought...(thanks mom!) And too my grandma has gotten us pre-folds (thanks nana!) Praise the Lord...
We also, had the largest snow yesterday that Fort Mill has had in years. I am not sure the exact total of snow but it was some where around 4-5 inches. I know this isn't a lot of snow if you are from Up-State New York, but it was a lot for us and the third time this year.....So, I have posted pictures of us playing in it. Taylor couldn't even eat breakfast, we had to go out and play first.