Friday, March 27, 2009

Taylor is turning 2!!!

What did you say? Yes, Ta is turning 2 on Wednesday, April 1st. We can't believe she will be 2 either! It's funny how when I was younger, I never think that time will ever go by...and now that I'm a little older...(Ha) it just seems to fly by.
I of course will post something on Wednesday but, I was just thinking of Ta now....and how special, wonderful, a joy, funny, beautiful, miss personality...she is to us.
Something very important to us is raising her up in the Lord and we are starting to see little pieces of our labor! Its very important to us to set our children before the Lord and knowing that we are doing so.....but actually seeing her respond to what Jacob and I are doing makes our hearts come alive. Our eyes our filled with tears every time she raises her hands to a song...or when she says "momma pray" or "daddy pray." Its true our children watch everything and learn everything from us! OK enough about all of this...I will post a little more on Wednesday!
Oh I forgot to mention....were getting Ta a really cool gift and I will post a picture of that as well on Wednesday!!!
Oh and speaking of pictures....I haven't forgotten to take them...we actually keep a disposable camera around, 1 for every month...but I just haven't downloaded the digital camera to the, I will post some of Ta shortly!

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