Tuesday, August 7, 2012

KC residents no more.

Tonight, is officially our last night as Kansas City residents. We sold our home 2 weeks ago and have stayed in an apartment for the last two weeks so Jake could finish out his job. On a side note, I am very thankful to Jakes cousin who owns the apartment complex but I'm glad it's not a permenant place for us! 3 kids in an apartment is crazy!! We leave tomorrow for our new adventure. We've prayed for an adventure and the Lord answered! We're going to miss our friends and family here in KC. We are super excited to partner with amazing people in Fort Lauderdale.

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Boy or Girl?

On Friday, we scheduled an ultrasound for our 4th child. I'm about 23-24 weeks now, so it was about time! We decided at first not to find out what we were having and wait until the baby was born. But, I guess I'm just so antsy and I really have to know. We decided that we wouldn't find out at the ultrasound. But we would have them put it in an envelope and we would have a friend bake us a cake. So, we dropped the envelope at our friends house. She got busy with the cake. Jake and I went out to dinner at our favorite place. After, dinner the cake was done. So, we brought the cake back to our temporary residence. My mom was watching the kids and we walked in and said "our friends wanted to bake us a cake, as a going away present." We had my mom and the girls cut the cake. Before, they even got the piece cut a very small piece came out and we knew the color right away. Jake, kept saying "no way!" I think he was way more surprised than I was. I had a feeling it was a what it was! But we both still couldn't believe it. My mom keep saying what does this mean. Ha! She had no idea. It was really funny! So, we announced that our 4th child will be a
Her name will be Landri Rose Ferrell. A few little facts about our family. We all have "a's" as our second letter. All 4 kids have 6 letters in their name. Taylor, carries on my middle name Renee, Kamdyn, carries on a great aunt's middle on Jake's side, Ruth and Landri will carrie on a great aunt on my side, Rose. So, they all have "R's". Harper, carries on Jake's middle name Caid.