Thursday, May 26, 2011


A story I do not want to forget.
Yesterday, Jake had work and meetings all day until 6pm.
We were totally out of food, not really but just needed to go grocery shopping desperately! So, around 10:30 we ventured out to Whole Foods. (we means, I had all 3 munchkins) it was raining when we got there so we decided to sit in the car until the rain stopped. So about 10 mins later, I could hear the tornado sirens going off. I rolled down the window and thought that is strange. I mean it was raining not storming! So, I decided to get the kids out of the car and go inside the store. On my iPhone it said Overland Park was under tornado warning! As soon as we walked in, the workers were commenting on the sirens...but no one thought that a real tornado might be headed for the store! 15 mins had passed and I figured we would grab a few things and go home right away. I called Jake and he couldn't believe it. So, were checkin out and the worker come on the intercom to say "everyone needs to head to the back of the store and get into the cooler." I rounded up my troop and we headed for the cooler. Once we got into the cooler a lady immediately grabbed Harper and wrapped him in a coat. I cuddled with the other two. Ta did great. Kamy cried and wanted to go home. People were scared and some were crying. After all the tornados around here it was a little scary. We quickly found out that they spotted a tornado a few blocks from the store. The workers at the store saw it out back! After about 20 mins they let us out of the cooler, only to return bc there was still rotation in the air! Stressful, yes and with 3 children that depend on me to keep them safe. We were going back in the cooler and at this point the phones were down. I tried to call Jake a few times and couldn't get through. Just as I tried again, I looked up and he was standing in front of me. He said nothing would keep me from getting to you to make sure you and the kids are ok! I love that man so much. After about 10 mins they released us.
What a scary time, I mostly worried about my kids. I love them so much. And yes, I did have flash backs of hurricane Charley and my dad laying on me in the bath tub!
But were fine. Last night I thank Jesus that I could tuck them in bed and kiss them!
It seems as though south KC missed it again, there wasso major damage to a town 50 miles east of here.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Things to remember

Things to remember,
Taylor, you are too big for words! You act like you're 16 with your hair and attitude. But, I love it. I love your kind heart. I love your smile. I love when you ask to watch a movie on daddy's "puter." You can write your name, spell your name, sound out words. You can sing Psalm 23, The Lords Prayer, John 3:16 and 1 Peter 3:12, completely all by yourself if asked! You love ballet class and are doing so well!
Kamdyn, I love your smile! You are such a easy going little tute. You love to say "tank you so mucch," "Yesh," and "I don't like this." you attended church class for the first time this past sunday. Mommy almost cried and hoped the pager would go off for us to come and get you, but it didn't! You always ask to sing the "our father." you love watching Toy Story but when you say it, it sounds like you are saying a bad word!
Harper, you are not a very good sleeper but you are such a happy baby. I love when you giggle. You have begun to play more. You like to grab at our face and make noises. Of course, your sisters want to help you with toys, kisses and hugs. You are sleeping in your own room, now. It still needs the girlyness of the room removed!

All three of you are such a joy. There is really never a dull moment in this house or even a moment to think about dullness!
Everyone is doing well.
Taylor, got her hair cut last week. She needed a new do for summer. She wanted a "cute little bob" that's what she calls it!
Kamdyn, did not get her hair cut. She is so little still and I'm honestly not ready for her to cute it at 2! Its starting to have curls at the bottom!
The girls are doing well sharing a room. I'm lying when I say that! I can barely get Kamdyn to stay in bed and Taylor always wants to talk to Kamy. I go in at least 5 times just to spank bottoms....! One day they will get it.
Harper, is not at all a wonderful sleeper! He will sleep 5 hrs at the most at night. I'm running on fumes right now.
But, he's growing and is still in the 75% in height and weight.
I can't believe I will be 29 on the 29Th this year. I'm making my 30 before 30 list! I will share just one of the 30 listed on my list "attend Kentucky Derby." That means I will be booking a trip to the Kentucky Derby for next year...
Jake, is doing well. A lot of changes for him. Can't say much about them yet, just excited for all the changes!
He has a trip to Nicaragua the first part of June. He is super excited and just can't wait to minister to the poor.
all in all we are doing well. Ill post some updated pics soon. We are getting new family pictures done in a few weeks!

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Harp update

Harper, is in the crib for the first time tonight. So far so good! He's taken a few naps in it but, never at night!
I have to admit it still has pink sheets on the mattress but hey he doesn't know.
He's really starting to be more interactive. Playing and grabbing toys, smiling at his sisters and sitting up (kinda.)
He's so cute and such a sweet boy!
He love's tummy time.
He's sleeping pretty good. He take's 3-4 naps per day still. 2 in the morning and 2 in the afternoon. At night he sleeps about 4-6 hours and than wakes, eats and back 4-6 more hours.
We're so in love with this little boy!

Friday, May 6, 2011

Big night!

Tonight, is a big night in the Ferrell home! The girls are sharing the same room.
A few weeksago, we bought them big girl beds from IKEA. Twin beds, so Taylor is no longer in her toddler bed and Kamdyn is no longer in her crib!
They were so excited! They didn't do well at nap time, they just played the whole time! Bedtime was a little different because they were so tired.
We had to tell Kamdyn to get back in bed a few times. She would open the door and close he door, get up and come down stairs and run around the room. Ta wouldn't stop talkin to her "kamy get back in bed."
But finally, around 9 it all got quiet! I peeked in and they were both sleeping......
Side note they both look so tiny in their beds....
Now, I sit here thinking how grown up they are....and how time goes by so fast....!
Harper, is still sleeping in our room in the craddle, until we can switch the room over to a boy room.
I will post pictures of the new girls room and the new nursery!

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Happy Easter!

Enjoy the pictures. They are from Easter. I love my mom's house and her tulips!

We started off Easter weekend with a trip to my mom's, which is about an 1 1/2 from our house.
Our 5 year anniversary was on that Friday. Yes, Good Friday! We went out to dinner.
On Saturday, my mom and I visited antique stores in the area, love it!
Sunday, we celebrated Resurrection sunday at her church. We also dedicated Harper!
After the service with an egg hunt and than went back to my mom's. The girls got baskets and Harper got a little toy for Easter.
Monday morning Jake, Harper and I left for Chicago for a little get away! It's about 6 hours from my mom's house.
The main reason for our trip was to visit IKEA and to celebrate our 5 year anniversary! We stayed in an awesome hotel and had an awesome dinner on Monday night. Tuesday, we spent all day at IKEA and than headed home that night.
It was a great weekend!