Friday, May 6, 2011

Big night!

Tonight, is a big night in the Ferrell home! The girls are sharing the same room.
A few weeksago, we bought them big girl beds from IKEA. Twin beds, so Taylor is no longer in her toddler bed and Kamdyn is no longer in her crib!
They were so excited! They didn't do well at nap time, they just played the whole time! Bedtime was a little different because they were so tired.
We had to tell Kamdyn to get back in bed a few times. She would open the door and close he door, get up and come down stairs and run around the room. Ta wouldn't stop talkin to her "kamy get back in bed."
But finally, around 9 it all got quiet! I peeked in and they were both sleeping......
Side note they both look so tiny in their beds....
Now, I sit here thinking how grown up they are....and how time goes by so fast....!
Harper, is still sleeping in our room in the craddle, until we can switch the room over to a boy room.
I will post pictures of the new girls room and the new nursery!

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