Friday, January 11, 2013

Happy New Year!

Better late then never! Happy New Year. We are doing well. Landri, is such a beautiful baby. Perfect, yes. She's a good sleeper. At night time she sleeps about 6 hours. During the day she's nursing about every 3 hours. She can sleep through everything! I guess as #4 you have to survive! Taylor, is loving life. Doing well in home school. She is thriving, doing a 1st grade and she's 5 1/2. Kamdyn, is becoming such a sweet little girl. She has such a sweet spirit. She's thriving in home school as well (preschool). She's almost reading. She's spelling and sounding out words and she's 3 1/2! Harper, just turned 2 on Saturday January 5! I can't believe this little boy is 2! He's into everything and loves to pester his little sister, Landri. He's a sweet boy. He's in love with trains, trucks and bob the builder. For his birthday, we took the kids to monkey joes and celebrated with a train cake. He got a ride on buzz car, which he loves driving around! Jake and I are doing well. Jake, is working on a getting a new CD together. He's hoping to record at some point during 2013. Me, having 4 children is an adjustment! Its wonderful, crazy and I would never change it. Our church, NorthStar Fort Lauderdale, is awesome. The Lord has awesome plans for the people of Fort Lauderdale! When you remember, praying for us, our church and our family!