Thursday, January 27, 2011

All about Kamdyn!

She said "I love you, daddy" for the first time yesterday! It was so cute. I immediately started to tear up. She is at a cute stage and age, I could eat her up.
She's 21 1/2 months and I can't believe she will be 2 in April.
We started potty training when she was 18 months...and stopped only because she really wasn't ready and I wasn't ready either! So, a few weeks back we bought her a little potty (Ta is potty trained already even completely at night.) So, this potty is just for Kamy! She was so excited at first and has done both in the potty. But, now we have had a little set back, which is fine. We will press on!
She love's peanut butter and the movie Dumbo. She likes to read books and especially one book called "So many ways to praise Jesus."
She loves her brother. She loves to kiss him even when he is fast asleep!
She is such a joy!

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Harper's First Bath....

We gave Harper his first bath in the kitchen sink two days ago. Yes, we waited a while but, between his cord and than the circumcision we had to wait. The girls helped but, I couldn't post those pictures because they were not clothed! He didn't all. He was relaxed the entire time.
I love the picture of him looking chunky!

what to do on a snowy day?!

This is what we do on a cold snowy day!
1. Make Valentines Day cookies...


1. Nana and Harper
2. Grandma, Taylor, Kamdyn and Harper
3. Harper's first car ride
4. Kamdyn in the car
5. Taylor loves Harper

Friday, January 21, 2011

Its been a few busy days since the last post. Let me begin with we are now starting a routine! Yesterday, was my first night with the kids and it went really smooth. I mean almost scary. I know it was just the grace and mercy of the Lord!

Both my mom and MIL have been such a big help. My mom came right after Harper was born and than my MIL came a few days after my mom left. Thank you to both of them!

Monday we took my MIL to the airport and when we left the airport, I reached around in the car to give something to the kids, pretty fast and as I did that I dislocated my right shoulder. OK...the closest thing to labor pain and yes I've had two out of three births with no pain medication. We rushed to the nearest emergency room. With three kids in the van, my husband ran in and said "my wife has dislocated her shoulder." We have three kids in the van and one is a 10 old newborn. Can you help her right now? They got me in immediately. Maybe because I was in so much pain....
After, 4 hours it was set back in place...(thanks to pain medication) and the pain medication wore off so quickly that it didn't effect feeding Harper. I am committed to feeding all the kids only breast milk and not pumping. My own OCD! My mom came back down and helped with the kids. For 3 days my right arm was immobile. Talk about very annoying! But anyway, its much better and I do not need surgery!

Harper, had his first doctors apt on Monday morning. He weighted in at 9lbs even and 22 inches. So, that means he gained 11ozs in 10 days and 1/2 inch....he is in the 95% in height. Not sure how...but he's tall. That of course could all change.
He is doing well and sleeping well. He is handsome and its weird looking at a little boy and thinking man he looks just like my husband!

The girls are doing well. We are currently snowed in with 7inches on the ground and freezing temps like 4 degrees. Yesterday, we made valentines day cards. Today, we played with dried beans...and muffin tins and baked and frosted valentines day cookies!

Hope everyone has a good weekend and for those of you in the midwest stay warm!

Thursday, January 13, 2011


We are doing well. Adjusting everyday.
The boy is now 9 days old. I can't believe that it is going fast. Even though he was born a week ago, in the Jewish culture they consider him 8 days old 1 week after he was born. So, the day he is born = 1 day old. I know this only because we had him circumcised yesterday! Oh my heart hurt all day. But he was fine and slept and nursed a bunch. The cool part about that is we had a Jewish Rabbi, Rabbi Shron come to the house to do it. It was really cool. Jake is 1/8 Jewish which makes Harper 1/16 but, not practicing so the Rabbi couldn't perform a ceremony, but he could perform the other stuff. Another interesting fact, is that on the 8th day, if you do not get shots and opt out of the vitamin K shot at birth, vitamin K releases itself in the body on that day! Vitamin K helps in blood clotting. Of course, the Lord would have it perfected!
He sleeps like a champ and can sleep anywhere. He sleeps in 3 hour blocks, than feeds, wakes up for a while, diaper change and than back asleep. He can sleep with his sister screaming and playing! I love that...!

The girls are adjusting well. I think its actually harder on Taylor than it is on Kamdyn. They both want to hold and kiss him.
Taylor, loves playing with her dolls and dress up. She is excited to attend the Valentines day dance again this year with her daddy! That is something that my dad did with me and I will never forget it! Kamdyn, is still to young and will join them next year
Taylor, is starting to read. We are doing little exercises with her. So far, were learning the some easy but main words and sounding them out, for example: MAT, CAT, BAT, SAT. Those type of words. She is doing excellent!

Kamdyn, is doing well. She is learning new words everyday. She is starting to say sentences. "Daddy more milk." She loves the movie Dumbo...I mean loves it. She also loves to read gathers all the books to read and will sit and listen. This is random but she loves peanut butter on anything and everything! She's already into the "2's"....."NO". So, you know how that goes!

Jake, is doing well. He is praying about a new album. He has an amazing producer lined up. Were just praying about the investment and the money it takes to make a new album. He currently has an album out called "Rooted and Grounded." The cool part about that album is the studio he used is the same studio John Mark McMillian used and John Mark wrote the song "How he loves us." Were just waiting on the timing. Hopefully, if the money comes, he can begin working on it in the Spring.

Me, I'm doing well. I feel like this has been an easy adjustment for us. It was harder to go from 1 to 2 than it has been going from 3 to 4. I loved having a home birth. It was just amazing...and being at home is amazing. I can't wait now to get back into a routine!

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Family of 5!

I am currently sitting on the couch alone...well with the boy but he's sleeping! Jake, took the girls over to his buddy's house to watch the Chiefs game and so they could play with his buddy's 2 toddlers...Owen and Maci!
Our transition into a 5 person family has actually gone pretty smooth. We both had a harder time with going from 1 child to 2. I'm not sure if I'm speaking too soon but, I know everyone will survive.
My mom and Jake have been a tremendous help! I stayed upstairs for the first 3 days, which got antsy but it was so good for me to really rest and bond with Harper.
Ta and Kamy love Harper. Ta alway's wants to hold him and Kamy alway's wants to kiss and hug him. We tried to get Kamy to say "Harper" and "Brother" before he was born but, she wouldn't. She ended up saying it for the first time when she saw him.
Harper, is doing really well. He can pretty much sleep through anything...I mean anything but, I guess thats how the 3rd child survives with 2 older siblings...screaming, talking, crying, holding, touching, kissing...etc etc all day long! He's a champ and oh so precious and handsome. Right now he has dark hair, dark blue eyes (those might change) darker skin..and we think he will be tall because he was 21.5 inches long. Jake's dad was 21.5 inches at birth and was 6'3. The height skips a generation.
I have posted a few pics of the girls and nana meeting there brother. The girls stayed at nana's house all day Wed, Wed night and came home Thurs afternoon to meet Harper. They made Harper a build-a-bear a few weeks back and gave it to him when they met him for the first time and Harper gave the girls pink balloons and princess chocolate! They also made T-shirts before he was born that said "big sister 1" and "big sister 2" and wore them on Thursday!

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Birth Story

Harper Caid Ferrell, was born January 5th, 2011 at 3:01pm. He weighed 8lbs 5ozs and was 21.5 inches long.
On Tuesday January 4th, I started having small contractions...every 10 minutes or so. Nothing to worry about and I wasn't stopping in my tracks. They slowly faded Tuesday night. Wednesday morning, 3:30am I woke up with some heavy contractions. I allowed Jake to sleep and went downstairs. I emptied the dishwasher, got the girls clothes ready for my moms house, cleaned the floor and laid on the couch. I fell asleep and woke up at 5:30am with heavier contractions. I woke Jake up and we started timing them and they were 5-10mins apart. We called my mom at 6:30am and told her to come and pick the girls around 8:30am. Called Debbie Perry our midwife and told her to come around 9am...just to check to see where we were at. The girls woke up at 7:30 and we fed them breakfast and got them dressed. My mom came and got the girls...and took them to her house for the night and Debbie arrived around 9-9:30am. My contractions eased when she arrived so, we ended up talking until 11:30am. She decided to check me anyways because she needed to go back to the birthing center. When she checked I was 4cm dilated. So, she left and Jake needed to go to Lowes to get a part for the birthing tub hose and he wanted to get us Jack Stack for lunch. I put on Brian and Jenn Johnson's worship and I decided to get into our bath tub to relax....he was gone for 30 mins and within the 30 mins my contractions picked back up and were 3-5mins apart. I didn't even want to eat the Jack Stack when he got back. He called Debbie, who couldn't come but she had a back up in plan...Amber (who is amazing.) Amber arrived at 12:30pm checked me and I was 9cm dilated. So within the hour that Debbie left, I went from a 4-9cm. We filled the birthing tub and it was so relaxing. My contractions were actually light, easy and we were talking in between them, up until the last 20 minutes when he was crowning. I felt so comfortable in my own space, in our room and at home. We prayed for the Holy Spirit to come along with the midwives...
Jake was amazing...he caught Harper right out of the water and handed him to me. He was born at 3:01pm. Jake weeped, cried and weeped!
It was such a smooth and really actually easy labor.
We are excited that Harper has arrived.....! I will post more later......time for bed!

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

He is Here!

Harper Caid Ferrell arrived today at 3:01pm 8lbs 5ozs 21.5 inches long. Born in water, at home, after 3 1/2 hrs of labor...Birth story to time for bed!

Monday, January 3, 2011

No baby yet!!!

No, Harper is not here yet!
I actually have a lot of grace on this pregnancy. Our birthing tub got blown up yesterday and its just hanging out in our room. I told my OCD self that it will be OK sitting in the middle of the room....not for a week but, maybe for a few days!
My sleep schedule is slowly fading...I am currently up at 5am and eating left over chicken, veggie, yellow curry that I made for dinner last night.....its delish and yes call me pregnant for eating it at 5am! I have been so hungry the last few weeks....I never felt this way with the girls, maybe its a man child thing!
Well we will keep you posted....!