Thursday, January 13, 2011


We are doing well. Adjusting everyday.
The boy is now 9 days old. I can't believe that it is going fast. Even though he was born a week ago, in the Jewish culture they consider him 8 days old 1 week after he was born. So, the day he is born = 1 day old. I know this only because we had him circumcised yesterday! Oh my heart hurt all day. But he was fine and slept and nursed a bunch. The cool part about that is we had a Jewish Rabbi, Rabbi Shron come to the house to do it. It was really cool. Jake is 1/8 Jewish which makes Harper 1/16 but, not practicing so the Rabbi couldn't perform a ceremony, but he could perform the other stuff. Another interesting fact, is that on the 8th day, if you do not get shots and opt out of the vitamin K shot at birth, vitamin K releases itself in the body on that day! Vitamin K helps in blood clotting. Of course, the Lord would have it perfected!
He sleeps like a champ and can sleep anywhere. He sleeps in 3 hour blocks, than feeds, wakes up for a while, diaper change and than back asleep. He can sleep with his sister screaming and playing! I love that...!

The girls are adjusting well. I think its actually harder on Taylor than it is on Kamdyn. They both want to hold and kiss him.
Taylor, loves playing with her dolls and dress up. She is excited to attend the Valentines day dance again this year with her daddy! That is something that my dad did with me and I will never forget it! Kamdyn, is still to young and will join them next year
Taylor, is starting to read. We are doing little exercises with her. So far, were learning the some easy but main words and sounding them out, for example: MAT, CAT, BAT, SAT. Those type of words. She is doing excellent!

Kamdyn, is doing well. She is learning new words everyday. She is starting to say sentences. "Daddy more milk." She loves the movie Dumbo...I mean loves it. She also loves to read gathers all the books to read and will sit and listen. This is random but she loves peanut butter on anything and everything! She's already into the "2's"....."NO". So, you know how that goes!

Jake, is doing well. He is praying about a new album. He has an amazing producer lined up. Were just praying about the investment and the money it takes to make a new album. He currently has an album out called "Rooted and Grounded." The cool part about that album is the studio he used is the same studio John Mark McMillian used and John Mark wrote the song "How he loves us." Were just waiting on the timing. Hopefully, if the money comes, he can begin working on it in the Spring.

Me, I'm doing well. I feel like this has been an easy adjustment for us. It was harder to go from 1 to 2 than it has been going from 3 to 4. I loved having a home birth. It was just amazing...and being at home is amazing. I can't wait now to get back into a routine!

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Lora said...

all four of my boys were also circumcised on the 8th day! you're right, it is really special and symbolic to do it on that day.
glad you're adjusting well! can't wait to see more pics of the little guy.
blessings, lora