Friday, January 21, 2011

Its been a few busy days since the last post. Let me begin with we are now starting a routine! Yesterday, was my first night with the kids and it went really smooth. I mean almost scary. I know it was just the grace and mercy of the Lord!

Both my mom and MIL have been such a big help. My mom came right after Harper was born and than my MIL came a few days after my mom left. Thank you to both of them!

Monday we took my MIL to the airport and when we left the airport, I reached around in the car to give something to the kids, pretty fast and as I did that I dislocated my right shoulder. OK...the closest thing to labor pain and yes I've had two out of three births with no pain medication. We rushed to the nearest emergency room. With three kids in the van, my husband ran in and said "my wife has dislocated her shoulder." We have three kids in the van and one is a 10 old newborn. Can you help her right now? They got me in immediately. Maybe because I was in so much pain....
After, 4 hours it was set back in place...(thanks to pain medication) and the pain medication wore off so quickly that it didn't effect feeding Harper. I am committed to feeding all the kids only breast milk and not pumping. My own OCD! My mom came back down and helped with the kids. For 3 days my right arm was immobile. Talk about very annoying! But anyway, its much better and I do not need surgery!

Harper, had his first doctors apt on Monday morning. He weighted in at 9lbs even and 22 inches. So, that means he gained 11ozs in 10 days and 1/2 inch....he is in the 95% in height. Not sure how...but he's tall. That of course could all change.
He is doing well and sleeping well. He is handsome and its weird looking at a little boy and thinking man he looks just like my husband!

The girls are doing well. We are currently snowed in with 7inches on the ground and freezing temps like 4 degrees. Yesterday, we made valentines day cards. Today, we played with dried beans...and muffin tins and baked and frosted valentines day cookies!

Hope everyone has a good weekend and for those of you in the midwest stay warm!

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susanna said...

grace to you prayin for ya!