Saturday, December 20, 2008

A Little Update

Taylor and I made it to Florida safely. Jacob will be coming down on Tuesday for Christmas. We are very excited to spend Christmas here. I have to admit that it doesn't feel like Christmas here...and my conclusion is this..."ITS NOT COLD." I lived in Florida 22 years of my life and I have lived 4 years away from the warm winter weather. I like seeing the sun...we haven't seen it in about 3 weeks in SC. But, I am not sure I enjoy the warm weather when its suppose to be cold out. I actually enjoy cuddling up by the fireplace when its cold outside. I want to have snow on Christmas...not hot weather! I have to admit I have enjoyed the beach the last couple of days...!
On a side note...I haven't had the chance to mention that Jacob is going back to school starting in January. He is taking distance learning courses from Liberty University. So, of course he will still be full time with the house of pray, just doing this on the side. He is so excited to finish his degree and maybe get his Master of Divinity or Master of Arts and Religion down the road. And he hopes to get his DRs degree one day. I am so excited for him and can't wait to see him succeed. Please pray for him and his studies.

Saturday, December 6, 2008

More Christmas!

I love Christmas, the meaning, the weather, decorations, giving gifts, food and being with family!
Jacob and I decided this year would be the year that we buy family stockings and have our names embroidered on them. Its one tough decision. I mean deciding what stocking to purchase and to have for the rest of our lives. My family had stockings with our names on them and we still use them, but not anymore! So, here are some pics of the new ones! Oh and for all of you wondering what the other children will have when they are born...we went ahead and bought extras!

Friday, December 5, 2008

The Christmas Spirit!

1. Our Christmas tree. We love getting real trees! The picture just doesn't do it justice!! You can't see them but, we have collected an ornament for each, we are on the look out for an ornament for this year!

2. The finish product. Jacob and I decided to make a ginger bread house together! It was so fun! We couldn't wait for Taylor to go to bed to make it!

3. Us decorating it!

4. This is the compare ours with the one done by professionals!

5. Taylor looking at the ginger bread house before we started...She was thinking that she was going to decorate it...but, that would have been a disaster!

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Thanksgiving Pictures

1. Papa, Taylor, Mommy, Kamdyn (in belly) and Nana

2. Taylor picked her first orange!!!

4. Ta picking the orange

5. Papa telling Taylor how to pick the orange!!!

We had a great Thanksgiving in Florida, with my side of the family. Jacob spend last week with his family in Illinois. His mom got remarried in the beginning of this month and the reception was this past weekend. So, we through it would be nice for him to go to it since we would be in Florida for Thanksgiving. Taylor and I have spent the last 14 days here with my dad and his brother Grady, who came to visit for 7 of those days. We have had an amazing time together, laughing, laughing and more laughing!!!!
Well, Happy Thanksgiving to all of our blog readers....

This year has diffently been a difficult one for Jacob and I. Most of you know the details so, I am not going to go into them now. But we truly have so much to be thankful for. The Lord has been and is, so faithful to our family even in the valley!!! Ryan I's song says "I've got so much to be thankful for, I've got so much to praise you for....." If you know the song...sing it a couple of times....get up and dance around.....and bless the Lord for all of his faithfulness...its really fun, trust me...maybe shout out.... LORD, THANK YOU FOR YOUR FAITHFULNESS!!! Don't worry some people might call you crazy, but the Lord loves it!!! Happy Thanksgiving

Love the Ferrell Family,

Jacob, Lacy, Taylor and Kamdyn (in belly) Ferrell

Friday, November 14, 2008

The verdict is in!!!

Well, we found out this morning...Its a GIRL!!! We are so excited for Taylor to have a little sister! Her name is Kamdyn Ruth Ferrell...

Kamdyn means "Valley" and Ruth means "Loyal."

Jacob and I feel that this is the season that we are in and that the Lord is Loyal to us in the Valley!

Monday, November 10, 2008

Boy or Girl????

Friday we find out what we are having....boy or girl? We have a girl name and we kinda have a boy name but its not set in stone (the boy name.) We absolutely love the girl name and we feel like the meaning of it is totally the season we have been in. Of course, I will reveal the name on just hold your horses!!!! We named our first daughter, who is now 19 months old Taylor which means persistence. We were in a season of being persistence in our prayers, when we found out we were pregnant with her. Her middle name is Renee which means reborn and it is also my middle name. So, persistence reborn is the meaning of her name...if you know Ta, it fits her really well! Well, will let you know what the baby is...on Friday!!!!

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Beautiful Trees

We are so blessed to leave in a state where the trees change colors. I am from Florida and Florida's trees do not change colors. Or should I say Florida's palm trees do not change colors!
So, the other day I snapped just a few pictures from our backyard deck, of the trees. I will try and get more. When we drive over the hills here, it looks like the Lord just took a paint brush and colored each one a different color!
Even now there is a difference in the trees from the other day. They are more rich in color!

Monday, November 3, 2008

Big Day Tomorrow....

Wow....I can't believe that tomorrow will be upon us. Its November 4th, 2008 the biggest day of the year...Or should I say the last 4 years. We will be glued to our tv sets tomorrow night in anticipation of who is going to win the presidential race. I am not going to write anything about any of the canidates. I am simply going to ask that you pray and seek the Lord on who you should vote for. And to think about our nation, our children, the unborn babies and for the nation of Israel. Please vote and vote with wisdom from the Lord, not from others, not from media, not from the signs on the road....but from your heart.

Lord have mercy on our nation...........

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

#3 of the Dairy Barn

Daddy and Ta!!!

Mommy and Ta

Me...17 weeks prego

More Pics from the Dairy Barn

Ta....sitting on the steps!

Ta waving...

Ta again sitting on the step

Ta and Mommy....

The Dairy Barn

Ta and Daddy
Ta and her stick

Ta and daddy throwing walnuts!

Ta and Mommy

Ta and Mommy

Today, we decided to go take some fall pictures at the Dairy Barn. Its close to our house...and its a cool place to take pictures. Well, I should have known that Taylor wouldn't sit still for not even 1 picture. I and dad, this sounds like someone you know! At first it was so frustrating but than we just let it go and ended up having fun!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Back in SC

Ta and Daddy at the Beach!!!
Mommy, Ta and baby #2......."Ta, this is where mommy grew up!"
Ta playing in the sand
Ta and her great nana!
Papa was teaching Ta how to play golf!

We are back in South Carolina. When we left Florida on Sunday it was in the low 70s and when we arrived in South Carolina it was in the about a difference in weather! WOW!

We went to my home town Port Charlotte, Florida to visit family and friends. It was an unexpected visit. My dad was having some tests done and we needed to be with him.

We did make a stop off at the beach..of course and we also went to my high school football game that Friday night. I haven't been to my high school's football game in 6 years...and it was homecoming so, I was able to see friends that I haven't seen in years! It was so nice to spend the week with my dad and my grandma. Ta really had a nice time as do I know you ask? Well, she is still talking about going to Papa's and seeing Nana! I have posted some pics of our trip. Ta and I will be returning to Florida in a couple of weeks!
On a side note...I am 16 weeks prego now! Time is flying and we will be finding out what we are having in a couple of weeks!!!

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

I realize that I haven't blogged in couple of days. We had to make an emergency trip to Florida. So, currently we are at home in Port Charlotte, Florida. I will update everyone on the emergency when I can.
Today is my mother-in-love's birthday, so happy birthday.
Today is also Taylor's 1 year dedication to the Lord birthday.

So, happy birthday everyone!!!!

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

"The Kissing Hand"

Today, I was reading Taylor the book called "The Kissing Hand." Its about a raccoon who doesn't want to go to his first day of school, because he is scared. His mother tells him in the book, that it will be ok. He will meet new friends and play with new toys. So, she tells him that she has a little secret. She says open up your hand and as he did she kissed the palm of his hand. This is a kissing hand she says. When ever you get scared or don't want to do something just press this hand to your heart, I will always be with you. The kiss will never go away, even when you wash you hands. As I was reading this part of the book, Taylor put her hand to my mouth and wanted me to kiss it. NO JOKE! I started crying. For one, I couldn't believe that she understood what I was telling her and two she wanted me to show her affection! It melted my heart!

Even at 18 months Ta is understanding affection and learning how to love. If you have a little one, get the book!

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Great weekend

We had a great weekend this past weekend, just outside of Dayton, Ohio. Jacob, Taylor and I went to the Wilmington House of Prayer on a ministry trip. It was wonderful to minister to the people at WHOP and to have them minister to us! Jacob, preached 3 times on Saturday and 2 times on Sunday. So, pray for him because he is wipped out! He will be going to Greenville, NC this weekend. Taylor and I are not going. We try to go with him once a month. It would be difficult on Ta to go more than that.

On a side note, I have begun painting again. I saw some plates in an Anthropologie magazine and loved them. They're a set of 4. They are way to expensive to purchase, so I decided to paint them and here is the first one!

Thursday, September 18, 2008

New Pics from August

1. We started off the month with a fat lip!
2. Playing with her friend Kiah and the pool! She was tired!
3. On the way home from the Todd Bentley Conference
4. Playing in the rain from Hurricane Fay
5. playing in the rain again from Fay!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008


1. Ok...So, I haven't forgotten about the pictures, I just haven't been able to post any. The computer that we are using right now doesn't have the program that is needed to download pictures from our camera. Our new laptop cord is coming in this week. So, I promise I will post the August pictures as soon as the cord comes in.
2. It is finally feeling like fall in the Carolina's! I love fall! The trees are so beautiful here starting in October..and the weather is gorgeous.
3. I am 11 weeks now and feeling much better! Taylor, is getting so big... She is starting to use actual words in sentences. Just some examples...."Hi Momma," "Hi Dadda," "My WaWa," "I loll u."
So cute! She is in such a fun age!
4. I am looking forward to the state fair next month in Columbia, SC! We are planning on going down on a Wednesday, spending the whole day at the fair and than spending the night and spending Thursday morning there as well. Did I mention, I am so excited to eat the food!!!!!
Well I think that is it. I will post pictures when we get back from Ohio this weekend!

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

I know...I know

I know its been a while....since the last post. I have a few good reasons why...1. I haven't been feeling very well, but hopefully I am out of that...2. Our power cord to our computer stopped working..So, I could post anything!
August was a pretty busy month for us. I have lots of pictures to show! I will try to break them up in sections.
I am about 9 weeks prego now. I am super excited to get out of my first trimester! I can't explain how tired I have been. My mom and mom-in-love our here visiting. They have been such a big help with Ta especially, when I'm not feeling well or when I need to take a nap.
We will be heading to Ohio in two weeks for a ministry trip! We are super excited to go and meet the wonderful people at the WHOP-Ohio. Then, Jacob will be returning to Greenville, NC the 26th of this month. He will be leading a team and he will be preaching at there weekend conference. Please pray both trips are fruitful!
On a side was my dad's birthday yesterday! Happy Birthday daddy!
Well...keep an eye out for our August pictures! I will post them sometime today...

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Its been a while

As I type, Taylor is putting pennies in her mouth!
So, its been a little while since the last post. We are doing well as a family. Taylor is 16 months old now! WOW, how time goes by fast. I am almost 6 weeks pregnant with #2. Jake is doing well also, he is in Greenville, NC this weekend for Worship fest and will be back tonight. ZHOP just got done hosting about 5,000 people for a Todd Bentley meeting that MorningStar put on 08-08-08. It was a crazy day yesterday to say the least, but very fun to have so many people on the PTL property! We as a family will be making a ministry trip next month to Ohio. We are pretty excited....and can't wait to go and share our hearts to the people at the Cincinnati house of prayer along with the Wilmington house of prayer (Ohio.) Well, I think that is all for now... I will post some new pictures as soon as I can.

Friday, August 1, 2008

Spirit Check!

So, yesterday was a little rough for me. Something was brough to my attention about being a mom. I won't go into details. I really felt a heavyness on my heart all day yesterday. So, of course I immediately prayed about it and when I did the Lord really gave me clarity on the situation. I realized that every mother has different opinions on how there children should be raised and every child is different. There are tons of "self help" books on the market but the REAL "self help" book is the bible. Jacob and I pray over Taylor every night and I encourage every mom and dad to do this. One of the things that we ask for is the spirit of obidence to be on Taylor. Today, I realized that I needed to start out every day with Ta in prayer as well and asking the Lord to help us and guide us. I did that today and something was different in her spirit.
Proverbs 22:6
Train up a child in the way he should go,
and when he is old he will not depart from it.
So, I encourage all moms and dads to start to pray every morning, as well as every night with your kids, no matter what age they are. Start to train them promptly (early.)

Tuesday, July 29, 2008


Ok so heres the story....Jacob went out of town this weekend to Virgina on a ministry trip. He left on Friday morning and I found out I was pregnant Friday afternoon. I decided not to tell him on the phone but to surprise him when he came home Sunday night. I decided that I would make Taylor a t-shirt that says "Im going to be a BIG sister." So, I made the t-shirt and I told him to call me when he pulled into the entrance of our housing community so I can "unlock the door." So, he called when he pulled through and I hurried to put the t-shirt on Taylor and set the video camera up so, I could catch it on video. I heard the car pull up and I told Ta that Daddy was home. I open the door and she goes running outside to see him...and he pauses for a second..and than he says "SHUT UP!" Mean while the video camera is rolling and I have the whole process on video! So, it was a great suprise!

Monday, July 28, 2008

Baby # 2

Just a quick # 2 is on the way. I will post the full story later but, I just wanted to let all of my blog readers know the great news...

Thursday, July 24, 2008

The Park

My hottie husband and beautiful little girl!
The airplanes! She loves them and the park was right in the flight plan....
She wasn't fond of the swing!
So cute!

We ate dinner at 6:00pm tonight. I made homemade pizza's with provolone cheese....they were amazing! After dinner, we decided to go to the park. Ta loved it! She had such a great time! I have posted some pics....from the park.

Pray for Ta and I. Jacob is going out of town on a ministry trip this weekend. He will be gone through Sunday night. Pray for grace for Ta and I. Also pray that Jacob will have a fruitful trip!