Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Back in SC

Ta and Daddy at the Beach!!!
Mommy, Ta and baby #2......."Ta, this is where mommy grew up!"
Ta playing in the sand
Ta and her great nana!
Papa was teaching Ta how to play golf!

We are back in South Carolina. When we left Florida on Sunday it was in the low 70s and when we arrived in South Carolina it was in the about a difference in weather! WOW!

We went to my home town Port Charlotte, Florida to visit family and friends. It was an unexpected visit. My dad was having some tests done and we needed to be with him.

We did make a stop off at the beach..of course and we also went to my high school football game that Friday night. I haven't been to my high school's football game in 6 years...and it was homecoming so, I was able to see friends that I haven't seen in years! It was so nice to spend the week with my dad and my grandma. Ta really had a nice time as do I know you ask? Well, she is still talking about going to Papa's and seeing Nana! I have posted some pics of our trip. Ta and I will be returning to Florida in a couple of weeks!
On a side note...I am 16 weeks prego now! Time is flying and we will be finding out what we are having in a couple of weeks!!!

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Jenna said...

Lacy-I cant believe you went to a Football game...who did you fun...I bet it was strange!!! You look great and I love seeing the pictures. I cant believe you are 16 weeks already, it really does fly. I am on week 30 and cant believe it. Love ya girl, hope to hear from you soon and we are still praying for your dad!!!