Monday, March 28, 2011

back to the grind

We've been on a "staycation" for the past 5 days. Which means we stayed home, worked on some projects and had fun as a family.

Our project for this "staycation" was to paint our sunroom, white. It is almost finished. The room is primed and half way painted. We use this room as our playroom. Its perfect! Its right off our kitchen and hearth room, so I can keep an eye on the girls at all time!

We started off this vacation on Wednesday, with a trip to the KC Zoo. It was fun! Taylor, was done in about 30 minutes. She would look at the animal for 2 mins and than want to move on to the next. Kamdyn, loved it except for the polar bear exhibit. She cried when she say the big huge bear swimming in the water! Harper, well he slept the whole time.

Thursday and Friday we stayed around the house and made a trip to Lowes and Chipotle.

On Saturday, we went to Jack Stack BBQ and than went bowling. It was so much fun bowling with the kids. We found a bowling alley just for families. Taylor, would pick up the ball and throw it as hard as she could down the lane and of course she didn't need help. Kamdyn, needed a little help and one time her ball got stuck half way down the lane. Jacob and I plan to bowl on our next date, because we are so competitive with each other!

On Sunday, we went to Disney's Toy Story 3 on ICE with our friends (the Martins) it was so much fun! Both the girls were really into it and of course Harper slept.

I've posted a few pictures from this weekend. Enjoy!

Thursday, March 24, 2011

news from the ferrell home!

Everything is great at the Ferrell house!
We are currently on a stayvacation... Jake took off Wednesday-Sunday. We have a few projects lined up like paint the sunroom. We also have some fun around the town activities that we are doing. We went to the zoo on Wednesday. Taylor, loved it and was bored really fast with every animal...she was ready to move on and see a new one. Kamdyn, didn't know what to think. This is her second time to the zoo. After a few minutes she warmed up to the animals. At first she was scared of the polar bear exhibit. It was way to cute! Harper, well he slept the whole time...I'm sure if he could talk he would tell me how much fun he had.
Harper, is starting to coo and really smiles at everything! He is so cute....He is sleeping sorta well. He found his thumb a few days ago and than lost it again!
Taylor, is learning how to read
Kamdyn, can pick out the colors blue, red, yellow, orange, pink and purple! She's 23 months and according to the charts she's really only suppose to know one color by 36 months!
Jacob, had a good trip to LA last weekend. He is enjoying his few days off and relaxing as much as possible, when he's not doing house work!
I'm doing well. Adjusting to a mommy of three. It is overwhelming at times and I do loose my mind. I'm always praying for a sound mind! I can't believe Taylor will be 4 next Friday and than Kamdyn will be 2 on the 12th. Where does the time go? I also can't believe it will two years since my dad passed away. Its very crazy to think that I haven't talked to him for two years.
All and all we are well, thank you Lord!
Enjoy the pictures

Monday, March 14, 2011

Cabin Fever

All I have to say today is, my girls have cabin fever!
We had such a nice weekend and this am woke up to 2-4 inches of snow.
How can this be?
Looking forward to the beautiful weather this weekend, 70s!

In other news, Jake goes to LA (California) this weekend and we are going to my moms.
The following weekend we are taking a staycation!

We are taking the kids to see Toy Story 3 on ice, the zoo and a few other places around the area. We also have housing projects lined up...I love projects!

Kids are doing well. Everyone is growing. Harper, is starting to really smile and be a little more interactive. I just keep thinking next year he will just sit in the corner in awe of his sisters, because they are crazy!

April, will be a very busy month for us! We have Taylor's 4th birthday, Kamdyn's 2nd birthday, Harper will be 3 months, remembering my dad, our 5th anniversary, Easter....and Jake goes to Nashville, TN. My surprise anniversary trip is to IKEA right outside of Chicago! My husband is so awesome!

Happy Spring!!!

Monday, March 7, 2011


My laptop bit the, I haven't been able to update our blog lately.
I'm currently using Jake's mac...!
Here are so recent pictures of the kids...