Monday, October 31, 2011

Week in review

Hello, November! I'm not sure how its November already.
We've been busy as usually. This weekend we took a small trip down to visit some friends in Wichita, KS. They have a 40 acre farm. Thats a dream for Jake and I. We want a farm, with milking cows, cows to eat, chickens, horses, etc. The girls loved it! They both gathered the eggs with out hesitation and played outside most of the time.
The girls are doing well. Taylor, is full force into reading. We have Bob Books and she is on the 8th out of 12th book. She's doing excellent. She's loving life, love's playing dolls, singing (everything), her church class, her friends, coloring and playing outside!
Kamdyn, I think has changed the most in the last 6 months. Her personality is really starting to shine. She also has Bob Books, but for the beginner. She loves them. I sit with her for 15 minutes and than Ta for 30 minutes every morning. Kamy, loves playing outside, pretending in her kitchen, following her sister, playing the piano, building puzzles and dreaming of ballet!
Harper, is doing well. He's crawling fast! No teeth yet, not even 1. He's doing well at sleeping. He wake 2 times a night, which is much better than before. He's pulling up on everything and even getting brave with holding on with one hand.

We took the kids to a Trunk or Treat tonight at a local church. This is the first time we have allowed the kids to dress up and go and get candy! It was fun and they had no idea what to expect. Of course, I have pictures! Ta, was a princess. Kamy, a ballerina. Harp, well a monkey kinda.

i'll post pics as soon as i can!

Thursday, October 20, 2011

pumpkin patch #2

Last week we went to yet another pumpkin patch, up near my mom. This was by far the best yet!
Enjoy the pictures

Monday, October 17, 2011

Busy weekend

We've been busy this past week and weekend.
Last week, we had something everyday, dr appointments, dance class, coop pickup...and on Friday we packed up and went to my moms.
Nanie flew to Missouri last week for a visit and we wanted to get in a little time with her. On Friday, we went to another pumpkin patch, outside Chillicothe, Mo. It was by far, the best patch I've ever been to. Jake and I had just as much fun as the kids did! I have many pictures. One event that stuck out from the pumpkin patch was the zip line. Both our girls did it. One side to the other just hanging onto the rope! I couldnt believe it!!! They also had this huge plastic slide, so much fun! Needless, to say the kids are so tired. Kamy, just fell asleep on my lap.
I got a good lesson in knitting! I'm so excited! Jake joked that everything in our house will be made of yarn! I'm also reading the book "A Well Trained Mind." Its our homeschooling book, classical. I'm so excited for it!

I'll post some pictures soon, from this past weekend.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

pumpkin patch

This is from the pumpkin patch, in Louisburg KS. It was fun, apple cider donuts were good, trying to get all 3 in a picture...hmmm!

Friday, October 7, 2011


I can't believe it's fall! The weather and leaves are gorgeous!
We've done a few fall activities, so far. We've been to Dunn Cider Mill, for the amazing Apple Cider Donuts.
Last Friday, we took a visit out to Louisburg, KS for Louisburg Cider Mill. It was fun. They had a pumpkin patch, with rides and cider. The kids loved it! Of course, I have a ton of pics. Those will come later!
We're planning our 2nd annual Chili Cookoff in 2 weeks. We're so excited!
Tonight, we took family pictures! I'm so excited to see them.

The kids are doing well. Changing and growing. Harp pulled himself up on his crib to a stand. I knew it was coming but it's going too fast!
Ta loves ballet and Kamy can't wait to take ballet! I love these kids.

My nanie's coming on Monday. I'm super excited to see her!