Saturday, December 20, 2008

A Little Update

Taylor and I made it to Florida safely. Jacob will be coming down on Tuesday for Christmas. We are very excited to spend Christmas here. I have to admit that it doesn't feel like Christmas here...and my conclusion is this..."ITS NOT COLD." I lived in Florida 22 years of my life and I have lived 4 years away from the warm winter weather. I like seeing the sun...we haven't seen it in about 3 weeks in SC. But, I am not sure I enjoy the warm weather when its suppose to be cold out. I actually enjoy cuddling up by the fireplace when its cold outside. I want to have snow on Christmas...not hot weather! I have to admit I have enjoyed the beach the last couple of days...!
On a side note...I haven't had the chance to mention that Jacob is going back to school starting in January. He is taking distance learning courses from Liberty University. So, of course he will still be full time with the house of pray, just doing this on the side. He is so excited to finish his degree and maybe get his Master of Divinity or Master of Arts and Religion down the road. And he hopes to get his DRs degree one day. I am so excited for him and can't wait to see him succeed. Please pray for him and his studies.

Saturday, December 6, 2008

More Christmas!

I love Christmas, the meaning, the weather, decorations, giving gifts, food and being with family!
Jacob and I decided this year would be the year that we buy family stockings and have our names embroidered on them. Its one tough decision. I mean deciding what stocking to purchase and to have for the rest of our lives. My family had stockings with our names on them and we still use them, but not anymore! So, here are some pics of the new ones! Oh and for all of you wondering what the other children will have when they are born...we went ahead and bought extras!

Friday, December 5, 2008

The Christmas Spirit!

1. Our Christmas tree. We love getting real trees! The picture just doesn't do it justice!! You can't see them but, we have collected an ornament for each, we are on the look out for an ornament for this year!

2. The finish product. Jacob and I decided to make a ginger bread house together! It was so fun! We couldn't wait for Taylor to go to bed to make it!

3. Us decorating it!

4. This is the compare ours with the one done by professionals!

5. Taylor looking at the ginger bread house before we started...She was thinking that she was going to decorate it...but, that would have been a disaster!