Saturday, December 6, 2008

More Christmas!

I love Christmas, the meaning, the weather, decorations, giving gifts, food and being with family!
Jacob and I decided this year would be the year that we buy family stockings and have our names embroidered on them. Its one tough decision. I mean deciding what stocking to purchase and to have for the rest of our lives. My family had stockings with our names on them and we still use them, but not anymore! So, here are some pics of the new ones! Oh and for all of you wondering what the other children will have when they are born...we went ahead and bought extras!


Lora said...

hey girl-
got your message about the earrings. i've got lots made up - why don't you come over to my house and look at them? i could even make you a custom pair right then if you see some beads you like.. just email me

Nana Flo said...

Hi lacy, nice tree. the ornament I gave you is a 2008 ornament. I believe it says so some place on the face of it.....Stockings look great! Love Nana Flo

Nana Flo said...

Hope you got this! Nana put me through the ringer forit! Dad.

Nana Flo said...

Hi again, understand you are coming in on Wed Dec 17th at or about 11:30. Waiting for your call. Love you Nana Flo