Tuesday, July 29, 2008


Ok so heres the story....Jacob went out of town this weekend to Virgina on a ministry trip. He left on Friday morning and I found out I was pregnant Friday afternoon. I decided not to tell him on the phone but to surprise him when he came home Sunday night. I decided that I would make Taylor a t-shirt that says "Im going to be a BIG sister." So, I made the t-shirt and I told him to call me when he pulled into the entrance of our housing community so I can "unlock the door." So, he called when he pulled through and I hurried to put the t-shirt on Taylor and set the video camera up so, I could catch it on video. I heard the car pull up and I told Ta that Daddy was home. I open the door and she goes running outside to see him...and he pauses for a second..and than he says "SHUT UP!" Mean while the video camera is rolling and I have the whole process on video! So, it was a great suprise!


Greg Burnett said...

Loveit-loveit-loveit!!! WOooooo-hoooo

Jenna said...

Lacy-The t-shirt idea was SO cute. It was great to kept it a secret until he got home!

We only have one name thus far and its Madison Grace...we are pretty sure thats it, but Jon is afraid to make the ultimate decision yet...just in case if there is something else he likes better. We would call her Maddie.

Anonymous said...

I am trying to get a hold of Greg Burnett. Could you please forward him my phone number?

(732) 539-1217