Friday, July 18, 2008

Great week!

This week my dad was visiting. It was such a good visit. He was born and raised 45 mins from where we live now. So, he gets to see all of his family when he comes up as well.
It was such a good week but I don't have any pictures to show! Which if you know me, I am always caring the camera.
We went to this mall right down the street from our house. Its a mexican mall! Inside the mall its all in spanish except for only a few is really a neat place and it has amazing cuisine.
We also had to hit up Toys R Us while Papa was here. He bought Ta some new toys, which she loves. There is one toy that has a microphone that she can sing or talk into and she thinks its the funniest thing to hear her voice.
And lastly we had to get steaks at the Peach Stand! For the people who do not know what the Peach Stand is....its a small "old" but new (building) corner store.. With great meat!
We had such a great week! I hated to see it end and to see Papa go home. I will post some new pics soon.


bekahgreutman said...

wow. i can't even imagine the mexican mall.

Jonathan and Sara said...

The Peach stand is one of the things I miss the most about Charlotte. We lived right down the street from that place. When our parents came to visit they always wanted to go to the peach stand and thought it was a momentous to buy peaches there. At one point I had so many peaches from the peach stand that I was searching for recipes to come up with things to do with them!!!! We never bought meat there, but I heard it's really good! Glad to know you made a memory with your dad there too!

Anonymous said...

hoorah for plaza fiesta! - jenn greutman

Jenna said...

Lacy-thanks for commenting on my blog, I was thrilled to see you had been on. I can only imagine what a nice time you must have had with your Dad. Where is he living now? I have always loved your parents so much, thats so wonderful he could visit.