Sunday, July 20, 2008


Well many of you know that Jake and I have had a rough last 6 months. Around September 2007 Jakes dad got very sick and in December 2007 my Aunt Nicki and Uncle Danny were in a tragic car accident. Jakes dad progressively got worse over the course of 4 months and entered into heaven on January 9th 2008. What was so amazing about his death was Jake and I along with the whole family got to be by his bed as he took his last breath. I say amazing because, if you have every seen someone go to be with Jesus.....Its so peaceful!
My Aunt and Uncle stopped to help a young kid on the side of the road who had gotten into a car accident. When they did they were hit directly by a car going around 50 miles per hour. They are heros to me...they risked there lives to help another. Well they both had multiple major injuries...and my Aunt Nicki didn't recover and passed away on January 9th 2008 as well. We both agree that the last six months were a valley for us and 6 months later we are coming out of the valley and standing on the mountain of the Lord and his Glory! I can't explain what it is like to have two close family members go to heaven on the very same day.....Sometimes Jake and I wonder if when they got to heaven....did they know each other because of us? Wow crazy. I have a song on my blog for them and its "Go rest high on that mountain." by Vince Gill......amazing song.....

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