Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Everyone is doing well.
Taylor, got her hair cut last week. She needed a new do for summer. She wanted a "cute little bob" that's what she calls it!
Kamdyn, did not get her hair cut. She is so little still and I'm honestly not ready for her to cute it at 2! Its starting to have curls at the bottom!
The girls are doing well sharing a room. I'm lying when I say that! I can barely get Kamdyn to stay in bed and Taylor always wants to talk to Kamy. I go in at least 5 times just to spank bottoms....! One day they will get it.
Harper, is not at all a wonderful sleeper! He will sleep 5 hrs at the most at night. I'm running on fumes right now.
But, he's growing and is still in the 75% in height and weight.
I can't believe I will be 29 on the 29Th this year. I'm making my 30 before 30 list! I will share just one of the 30 listed on my list "attend Kentucky Derby." That means I will be booking a trip to the Kentucky Derby for next year...
Jake, is doing well. A lot of changes for him. Can't say much about them yet, just excited for all the changes!
He has a trip to Nicaragua the first part of June. He is super excited and just can't wait to minister to the poor.
all in all we are doing well. Ill post some updated pics soon. We are getting new family pictures done in a few weeks!

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