Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Things to remember

Things to remember,
Taylor, you are too big for words! You act like you're 16 with your hair and attitude. But, I love it. I love your kind heart. I love your smile. I love when you ask to watch a movie on daddy's "puter." You can write your name, spell your name, sound out words. You can sing Psalm 23, The Lords Prayer, John 3:16 and 1 Peter 3:12, completely all by yourself if asked! You love ballet class and are doing so well!
Kamdyn, I love your smile! You are such a easy going little tute. You love to say "tank you so mucch," "Yesh," and "I don't like this." you attended church class for the first time this past sunday. Mommy almost cried and hoped the pager would go off for us to come and get you, but it didn't! You always ask to sing the "our father." you love watching Toy Story but when you say it, it sounds like you are saying a bad word!
Harper, you are not a very good sleeper but you are such a happy baby. I love when you giggle. You have begun to play more. You like to grab at our face and make noises. Of course, your sisters want to help you with toys, kisses and hugs. You are sleeping in your own room, now. It still needs the girlyness of the room removed!

All three of you are such a joy. There is really never a dull moment in this house or even a moment to think about dullness!

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