Saturday, March 21, 2009

You will want to hear this!

Yep...promise! Ok, I have had a calcium build up/sist on my hand for about a year now. I strained it caring a bunch of clothes on hangers...Well, I almost got to the point of dropping a book on it...but I didn't!
The lady that I talked about in the last post, who grinds her own grain...has 7 children and she said that within a week a couple of her kids noticed that there worts were going away...I thought "yeah right!"
Well, I was sitting here tonight looking at my hands and noticed that the sist is all of a sudden almost gone and very soft! I really can't believe this! I made some bagels the other night and we have been eating them every morning for breakfast...So, here's my throught...if you are not grinding your own really works! I mean the bread companies strip all the nutrients out of bread and bread is actually vital for your health! I haven't done too much research, but were sold and thats enough for me!
Well, Praise the Lord!

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