Tuesday, March 3, 2009

New Update

We are currently 5 weeks away from having baby #2, Kamdyn Ruth. I can't believe it has gone by so fast! We are getting more excited and Taylor says "Ruth come out." She said Ruth because she really can't make out Kamdyn. She was saying "Mama" for a while but that has turned into Ruth. Which is really cute! On a side note...babies really take a lot out of the moms teeth! I have to wait to go to the dentist until after the baby is born, but she really has done a number! Even with taking calcium supplements (I found out I was not taking enough) she has pulled from my teeth....leaving me with a cracked tooth.... Oh gosh!
Yesterday, we received our first round of cloth diapers in the mail. 6 Bum Genius one size fits all. I was so excited to open the package! Excitement over diapers...who would have thought...(thanks mom!) And too my grandma has gotten us pre-folds (thanks nana!) Praise the Lord...
We also, had the largest snow yesterday that Fort Mill has had in years. I am not sure the exact total of snow but it was some where around 4-5 inches. I know this isn't a lot of snow if you are from Up-State New York, but it was a lot for us and the third time this year.....So, I have posted pictures of us playing in it. Taylor couldn't even eat breakfast, we had to go out and play first.

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Lora said...

so precious! her hair's getting so long!