Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Praise Report

Well, after I posted the last post...we have received all of our cloth diapers...we have 6 bumgemius one size and 25 indian prefold diapers!!! Praise the Lord....We also got our bathtub and we are working on getting the changing table..
We diffently do not need to have a shower for Kamdyn...and never throught we did until I was sitting down thinking about what we didn't have...! But, now we have all that we need!
We also, will be getting the cradle that my dad slept in when he was a baby.. his grandfather, so my great grandfather, Kamdyn and Taylor's great, great grandfather made for his twin babies to sleep in...and now Kamdyn will sleep in it! Talk about an honor to have the cradle! It makes me emotionaly excited to share this with my children...!
Well, praise the Lord, he is good and faithful to us!

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