Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Happy Birthday Taylor!!!

Ta destroying the cake...that I made!!!
The Cake...Minnie Mouse!!! Yep, I made it!!!
Ta and her famous look!
Ta and Daddy at the ZOO
Ta and Mommy at the ZOO

Today is Taylor's 2nd Birthday!
We had a very busy day today...filled with events! We woke up this am and Taylor opened presents. We got her a fish for her birthday! She asked for one and so we said yes. But she was so excited when she saw it sitting on the counter this am. We thought she would name it "Nemo." So, we started to call it Nemo last night when Jacob went and got it but, no this am she named it "Ruth." It doesn't look like a girl and poor Jacob who will be surrounded by girls for life, now has a girl fish, as well. I do have to mention the fish tank. We went Sunday to pick out what tank to buy and what fish we wanted to get Ta, but we didn't buy it until Tuesday night. Well, I stressed to Jacob that I would prefer a glass fish bowl vs a plastic 1985 fish tank with a running filter! I told him that I wanted to put the fish on the counter where Ta can't reach it...just in case and that the glass bowl would look the nicest! Well, Jacob went to get it Tuesday night after Ta went to bed. Yep guess what tank he came home with??? Yep, the 1985 plastic fish tank with a filter, a light, plastic tree and colored rocks! Just what I wanted.....! Now, the fish tank is sitting on the very corner of our kitchen counter...with a motor running, plastic tree that was extra and colored rocks! Not really matching the rest of the decor!!!! Thanks babe!
So anyways we had a great day today...! We went to the ZOO, in Columbia after opening up our presents tired me out, along with my feet! Ta had so much fun...she calls the ZOO the "ZOOP." Than we ate dinner and came home. Ta wanted to have a minnie mouse cake for her birthday. So, I braved the challenge and made a minnie mouse cake for her....I can't believe how good it came out! We gave it to her and she asked for a fork and a spoon! She is so girly...can't get those hands messy! She dug right in and ate the cake! So, thats about it...
On a side note...please pray for my dad...he is in the hospital again. Which this time is a little more difficult and a little more serisous, he is in the ICU (he is currently in a medical induced sleepy state) which is a good thing and he needed rest so they can do some minor surgery on Friday but, we can not be there. I am 39 weeks prego and can't travel! He does have a great support team there but, I want to be there as well. He will be having not major surgery but it is critical surgery on Friday so, please pray that it goes well.
Thanks again for everyones prayers through out this....
I have posted some pics from today...Enjoy! Oh and if you want to see what Ta looked like 1 year ago. Our picture on our page, were we are on the train tracks, was done for her 1st birthday!


Jenna said...

I am SO impressed with your cake making are unbelieveable! She is such a beautiful little girl!

Lora said...

she's adorable! i can't believe you're only one week away from your due date! wow. time flies!

Tom Lacy said...

Love the pics, she's so cute. Great job on the cake Lacy I am impressed! Praying for your Dad! Hilary