Sunday, April 19, 2009

Things to remember from this week!

1. We forgot what it is like to have a newborn!
2. Kamdyn is way more relaxed in nature than Ta!
3. Hearing Ta call her sister "Pamdyn!"
4. Teaching Ta that Kamdyn isn't a doll......
5. Kamdyn getting karate chopped in the face by..none other than Ta!
6. Finding my Dad's long lost passport that he put in a very special place!
7. Wishing I could call my daddy, for wisdom in what to do!!!!
8. Learning and getting to see people that my dad touched, counseled and befriended over the years!
9. Donating my dads putter to the golf course that him and his golfing buddies play at 3-4 times a weeks, so they can put it in a memorial case with his picture!
10. Receiving a letter from the person who runs a day program for the handicap here in Port Charlotte. It talks about how my dad got her the grant from the state to start the business...and how grateful she is to have known such a good man.
11. Finding out how wonderful the neighbors are....
12. Ta Flipping the switch "ON" and becoming a 2 year old...."parents you know what I mean."
13. And learning to thank Jesus even in the Valley...and in the Whirlwind!

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Andy H said...

I laughed out loud when I read the part about "Pamdyn". Miss you guys!