Sunday, April 5, 2009

Quick update

We are in Florida. I know in the last post I posted that we could not come because I was 39 weeks prego. But, we decided on Thursday after having a midwife appointment and me being 2 cm dilated that we needed to come to Florida. Our midwife gave the approval and so we got on a plane and came down. I actually, am less stressed being in Florida with my dad than being at home South Carolina.
We are having the baby here at a birthing center in Cape Coral. We were planning a home birth but, since we came down here we can't have the baby at home. We found a great place in Cape Coral. I have a couple of friends who have had their babies there. Its a birthing center and it feels just like home. The midwife is awesome and she's been licensed for 15 years. We are so excited. Tuesday is my due date but, I think the baby might come a few days after that. Who knows!
My dad is doing better, he is still in the ICU. They are slowly weening him off of everything. He is still on the respirator but, he was awake today. I could tell he was a little aggravated at being on a respirator which I would be as well. He tried to talk to me but, I couldn't understand because of the tube. All his vitals are still good. He has a heart flutter which the doctor was not too concerned about but, Jake has a irregular heart beat and he's obviously had no problems ever with it! Praise The Lord! The big thing now is just getting him off the respirator which will be on Tuesday. I ask now that the prayer focus be on his lungs being strong enough to be off and that there are no relapse. He is a strong man and a fighter! The Lord is so kind and gracious to us and he is defiantly "loyal" to our family in the "valley."

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susanna internicola said...

thankyou for the update! we will be praying for you guys...what a weird time for ya'll! we love you anyways!!