Thursday, June 23, 2011


Jacob, got the job! He is now the part time worship pastor at a local church, in Lee's Summit. They have about 1500 members on the books. I am so proud of him.
We are still on full time staff at IHOP and he is still co-running the events department, which he loves.
This is a part time paid position which is great and this is what he is called to do "worship lead!"
I'm so proud of you, babe!!!


Anonymous said...

We're glad to have you on at WCC. I haven't met you yet but look forward to the opportunity.


Nathan Taylor said...

So I was thinking in service at WCC yesterday that maybe I could catch you at church and say hello but alas I went on to teach kids Sunday School and forgot. It came back to me this morning and I pulled up the blog. I think to myself, oh that's funny, those two ladies were just talking about how few people spell "Lacy" that way. Then I realize, that was you and I have seen you at church several times and had Kamdyn in kids SS the last few weeks. Sorry!
Glad to have you at WCC and glad to read you are feeling welcome.