Saturday, December 25, 2010


I can't believe Christmas is coming to a close! What a day....and so much fun with the kids. We told Ta last night to come and wake us up in the morning and tell us it was time to open up presents. So, at 7:30am she walks into our room! We made her crawl into bed with us, until Kamy woke up and to just get a few more minutes of sleep.
We finally got up at 8. The girls opened there stockings and than they were starving so, they had breakfast. And by 9am all of the presents were opened! Jake and I put "Frosty the snow man" on for the girls to a cup of coffee and began opening our presents. We ate a huge brunch....and than the kids took a nap. Nana, came with gifts and we had a 2nd Christmas! Needless to say the girls had more presents than they knew what to do with and more princess stuff than Target!
Jake cooked dinner....which was kinda a first. I just didn't want to feel the pressure of a huge dinner at 39 weeks pregnant. I cooked Thanksgiving and forgot a few main ingredients! I did however make the came from Southern Living was amazing... Jake did an awesome job....I mean quality and classy!
Now, were in the waiting game...for baby Harper to arrive. I'm excited to not be pregnant for a long long time!
On a side note.....a little exert from today, while opening presents, Taylor really wanted the full set of Disney Princess dolls from Target. They have the look of a Barbie but are princesses. We opened all of our presents and had Ta open this present last...when she opened it...she said "thats what I'm talking about" over again. Pretty priceless if you ask me (thats what video cameras are for!)
Merry Christmas from Jacob, Lacy, Taylor and Kamdyn

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