Thursday, December 16, 2010

Happy Birthday!!!

December 17, marks a remarkable woman's Nanie! When I was growing up, we always spelt it Nana...but now she refers to herself as Nanie, because my mom refers to herself as Nana!

I won't tell your age I promise.....

I grew up with in 2 miles of my Nanie. So, needless to say we have memories, memories and many, many stories! We had so much fun...going to the beach, riding bikes, playing school (Mrs Blackbottom), doing hair, swimming, watching Topper and just hanging out!

She taught me how to drive at 14, which when your think thats awesome, my parents did not...but I did!

She is a Godly woman, who loves Jesus and taught me even when I was young to always "Pray for a parking space" and I do...every time I go some where...the mall, grocery store, etc etc....I pray for a good space and it really works, every time! It taught me early on that Jesus really does care even in the small things and he does say be in prayer always!

Nana or Nanie, I love you and you mean the world to me....Happy Birthday. Thank you for all the wonderful years and years to come....! I hope your day is filled with Joy and Love.....That the Lord would shine his face on you tomorrow....!

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