Friday, December 10, 2010

Big Sisters

We took Taylor and Kamdyn to the Build a Bear Workshop today in the mall. I wanted them to make a bear for their baby brother Harper. We let them choose everything, bear, clothing, shoes, name etc...etc...and they both gave it a heart. If you have ever done a build a bear than you know what I'm talking about! They actually did a really good job working together on it. Its a cream bear with a t-shirt that say's "Its a boy." They picked out "boy" skinny jeans and black converse shoes! He's already styling.... We named him "blue bear." So, when Harper arrives they can give him this bear.
We also made T-shirts last week that say "big sister 1" and "big sister 2" on them. We still have to put our hand prints on the back. Hopefully, we will get to that this week! When Harper is born they can wear the t-shirts.
We have to know find two little presents from Harper to his sisters!
I can't believe I am 37 weeks. I am currently considered full term and that means we can now deliver at home with Debbie (our amazing midwife). We had a home birth planned with Kamdyn but, most of you know the story. So, we didn't get to do our home birth but, instead we had her at a birthing center in Cape Coral, Florida. Which was amazing, beautiful and did I say amazing! Taylor, was born in the hospital and it wasn't bad but it felt so dirty and just not what we wanted. So, needless to say I am so excited to have Harper at home and to not have to go any where but here, no bags to pack...nothing!
We are pretty much ready for Christmas. Jake will be out of town tomorrow but, not over night...just in case!
Sunday, the former leader of the Assembly of God church will be at IHOP. They are holding a 12 hour prayer meeting for the poor. He will be busy with over seeing the 6pm-12pm. The following Saturday we are headed to the Nutcracker again. Last year, Taylor sat completely still for 2 hours and she still talks about going. I wonder what Kamdyn will do?!?


Lora said...

wow! i can't believe you're 37 weeks either! time has flown by. congratulations in advance. you'll love having a boy!!
and that's a great idea about the build-a-bear. how cute!
:) lora

Jenna said...

I love your updates on your growing family and precious little girls! I can't wait to hear the news of little Harpers arrival. Merry Christmas! Love always!