Friday, June 12, 2009

New Pics

Kamdyn is 2 months old today. She rolled over for the first time on May 27. She went from her tummy to her back! She slept through the night Wednesday night and slept 6 hours straight last night. She also can put herself to sleep when we lay her down...She is a joy, a delight and such a cuddlier! Every time I look at Kamdyn, I thank the Lord for how loyal he has been to us, in our valley...
Taylor, is getting bigger as well! She can say 8 word sentences now..."I have purple butterfly clip in my hair." Her brain is a little sponge and she is learning so much. I can't believe how grown up she is. She is doing really well in her toddler bed. She goes to sleep with out a hitch but, in the mornings she gets up and comes into our bedroom around 6:30am...Well work on that when we get home!
Enjoy the pictures.


susanna internicola said...

children are such a joy!! revel in these days!! you are so blessed, your girls are beautiful! miss you!!

bekahgreutman said...

yay for ta!!
yesterday morgan and i were on a walk with the kids and hezekiah kept saying "sli sli, sli sli, sli sli"
i asked him if he missed ta ta and he just looked at me and said "sli sli"
we all miss the ferrells

A said...

Hey Lace! I didn't realize you guys had a blog. I was bummed to miss out on seeing you, but I totally understand. I was sorry to hear about your dad, but it looks like you are doing well. KIT Love ya!