Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Interesting day

Today and actually this week has been very interesting for the Ferrell family.
Last Thursday, we had a little hummingbird fly into our window in the sun room. It stopped and shook itself off after it did it! I felt a little sorry for the poor little bird. I didn't think anything from it, called Jacob to let him know because I thought it was kinda funny!
Than this weekend we had the 10 year anniversary at IHOP and all the festivities! It was great. Isaac, Morgan, Kiah and Lily Bennett stayed with us. Kiah and Ta really had a good time together. They have a special friendship! We love the Bennett family!
On Saturday night, we went to the 10 year anniversary service. Bob Jones gave an encouraging word and said somethings that I honestly can say, I don't understand what he meant by! He mentioned something about a hummingbird. He said "just like a hummingbird has come to my window just now, a hummingbird is coming and is bringing the new sound." Huh! Jacob and I just looked at each other and laughed really hard! We thought it was a little strange at first but than kept processing what Bob said and what had happened. Than....yesterday, I kept thinking to myself what is September 22, I know something important is on Sept 22 (that's today) but, I couldn't think of anything.
So, Ta's coloring this morning in the sun room/playroom and I'm trying to read my bible, when all of a sudden a big bird flies into our sun room window! I looked up and say it flapping its wings. Ta said "Mommy what was that?" I looked at her and said that was a huge bird, Ta and it just flew into our window!
Two birds in less than a week...the first one was little and the second was huge!
I'm not positive on what all of this means but Jacob and I think it means something.......


susanna internicola said...

believe! that's awesome!

Erin said...

hi! I don't know you - but God wrecked me at a one thing event about 5 or 6 years ago...so i love Ihop's vision and mission. We used to live in Omaha and visited KC ihop often and my son was healed of aspergers, bi-polar and OCD in the healing rooms there. We are in Arizona now... anyway - i was unable to watch the 10 year celebration of ihop - but here's the weird thing - i had been enjoying watching the hummingbirds on my porch and was amazed by them and posted "i love hummingbirds" on my Facebook page on the day that Bob Jones spoke. A friend of mine in Nebraska commented back and asked if i heard Bob Jones at ihop - i told her no and asked her why - then she mentioned that he talked about hummingbirds... Our church here in Tucson keeps having dreams and words about 'the new sound of the Lord' that He is bringing forth. God is so good. I never heard of one flying inside. That is awesome!! Many many blessings to you guys. In Him, Erin Hankins -- hankinsnazirites@yahoo.com

bekahgreutman said...

transition is normally what birds mean hitting windows for the bennett gang, and the hummingbird thing bob jones linked to angelic activity. cool.