Saturday, December 26, 2009

Merry Christmas!

We had a great "white" Christmas! We now have at least a foot of snow on the ground. It started to snow on Wednesday night, all day Friday and on and off today.
Christmas was wonderful! It was just us, Jacob, Taylor, Kamdyn and I. This is the first time ever but it was nice. My mom and grandma are coming on Monday for a week.
We (Taylor) all woke up around 7:30am. No sleeping in for this family especially when you tell your 2 1/2 year old that if she goes to sleep, she will be able to open presents in the am! We came down stairs and I had the video was great! We set the video camera up to capture the moments of opening presents and of course Kamdyn's 1st Christmas When we were all finished, I went to look at the video and wasn't video taping at all! It was defiantly a sad moment. But we video taped much of the day to make up for it.
The girls love there gifts. We gave Taylor a pink guitar, microphone and amp. She loves it! Along with many other dolls, books and a Dora bike helmet (she asked for it.)
Kamdyn, got a "Dino"(special to our family) dog, a toy turtle that makes noise and rolls on the floor and a ball that lights up and rolls on the floor. She loves her toys as well!
We followed up the presents with watching the movie "UP". If you have not watch this movie, it is so cute and perfect for kids. Nothing bad...just pure joy!
As the kids were napping, I started on dinner preparations. We had one amazing dinner. Rosemary and garlic rib eye from Whole Foods, saute green beans with mushrooms, shallots and bacon, cream cheese mash potatoes, candied pecan, apple, goat cheese, red onion, spinach salad, home made rolls and a chocolate citrus two layer cake. Yes, I made everything and everything was amazing! Melt in your mouth amazing! I have to give "Southern Living" magazine the credit though, I did take every recipe from them except the rib eyes. I do have pictures to prove it.
We had such a wonderful day!
On a side note please pray for the Loux family, wife and 10 children. Derek Loux a christian singer, song writer and leader of the International House of Prayer died in a car accident Dec 23. Pray for strength for his family!

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