Saturday, November 12, 2011


I'm not positive how I let this much time go between updates, but I have!
We are all doing well.
I just got back yesterday from a family funeral. My great aunt Lucy aka Rodey passed away at 95! She was the last living sister of all of her immediately family. She ment so much to me and she was buried next to her husband, which is next to my dad.
Harper and I flew to South Carolina on Wednesday morning and returned Thursday evening. The girls stayed with Jake and they had a really good time.
Kamy, has decided that she will no longer wear diapers at night time. She is potty trained during the day and has been since the beginning of 2011. She's doing well with it.
Ta and I are having a date today. We are going to the coffee shop with her computer and dolls. She wants to listen to music on her computer and play with her dolls.
Harp, well he's finally sleeping through the night almost. He goes to bed from 6-7pm and sleeps until 4 or 5am. I feel like a new woman. He's starting to stand on his own. He's saying new words.
I just launched my photography business after 2 years of taking pictures professionally.

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