Tuesday, February 7, 2012

new pictures

These were taking on our vacation last month in Branson, MO. We stayed at an awesome cabin...and had such a good time!

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Cara said...

Branson... how was it? I've wanted to go for years. We would be taking a very different aged family : Erik is 20, Adam will be 19, and Aleah 14. What, besides shows, would there be they'd like. Their music taste is varied... class rock suits most of us. Some of us like roller coaster/thrill rides. The guys like History. The girls like to shop. Any advice on what to do or where to stay would be great. It may be one of the last whole family vacays we can take. We are also considering Hershey, PN; Washington D.C. ; or an Amtrak trip up to the northeastern US. It's hard to travel with adult children because their interests are varied and they are used to being independent during the school year. I am blessed our boys jus don't complain... as long as they don't have to shop in primarily clothing stores for long and they get lots of good food - happy campers!

Once we've made a decision on where to go, we are going to see if Granny wants to come along to. I love spending time with my mom.