Saturday, July 21, 2012

Wanting to remember

I'm laying awake tonight, pondering everything that happened and changed today. We officially closed on our first family home. We handed our set of keys over to another awesome family! The movers came around 9:30am and were done by 3:00pm. The kids rode their bike and played in the pool for the last time. Jacob and I walked through our home, together, one last time. I balled like a baby. We thanked Jesus for the wonderful time spent and all the wonderful memories we shared in our home. I looked in each room, thinking about the kids. Looked at the kitchen, playroom and backyard. What an awesome first family home, for us. Our wonderful neighbors stopped by, cried and thanked us for being such good neighbors. After, we finished we loaded our van and headed away. The girls waved, saying goodbye. Our oldest daughter cried, hard. Our youngest daughter, said she was excited and the man child was do sleepy, he had no ideas what was gOing on. It was very sad, but we are super excited for this new adventure the Lord has for us. Pray for us. Pray for our new family at North Star Community in Fort Lauderdale. Pray for a smooth transition. Thank you KC and the house of prayer for loving us well, for me 7 years and for Jacob 11. Here's to a new season and journey with our little family!

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