Friday, December 21, 2012

Landri Rose Ferrell is HERE!

Landri Rose is finally here! Well, she's actually almost a month old already. She was born on Monday November 26, 2012 at 10:56am. She weighted a whopping 9lbs 8oz and was 20inches long. I got out of bed around 4:30am with terrible hip pain. No contractions just hip pain. I started to walk around and than I decided to get in the bath tub. Nothing was happening so, I just relaxed in the tub. At 6:30am I started to have contractions 3 mins apart. I woke Jake up and told him to call our midwife, we were having a home birth. She was coming from Miami (30mins) and I didn't want her to get stuck in morning rush hour traffic. She arrived at 8am. My best friend came and picked up Taylor, Kamdyn and Harper and took them to her house at 8:30am. We blew up the birthing tub and I finally got in it at 9:30am. Landri arrived at 10:56am. My first thought was wow, she's huge and my second thought was wow, that was the most painful birth I've ever had! My midwife said that the bigger the baby, the more pain and she was right. After having 3 out of 4 without medication, I can attest to that! She was absolutely gorgeous dark hair, dark skin. Her chubby cheeks and perfect little pucker lips! I love home births and everything that comes with them. I love the one on one time that is giving right after birth. No cutting the cord, not bothering the baby, not weighing. Just the mom and baby bonding time. Its incredible! So, in saying all of that, the midwife did her check on Landri after about 2 hours and noticed she was having mild breathing distress. Landri, did have merconium (dark poop) at birth. So, the midwifes concern was she might have breathed in some merconium. She pumped Landri's stomach and there was a little merconium in her stomach. She also listened to her lungs and noticed that the right lung sounded a little fuzzy. So, our midwife suggested that we call our pedi. We were able to see our pedi at 6:00pm, Monday night. She than sent us up to the NICU, as a precaution. So, we were admitted on Monday night. It was honestly the scariest moments. Jake and I cried, balled and cried some more. After 24 hours Landri was fine and healthy! I stayed in a chair right by her, slept in a chair and never saw the outside world, until we went home on Saturday! It was a great bonding time for my little girl and I. Sometimes things don't go as planned. But I am grateful for the home birth. If we birthed at the hospital and all of this happened, we would have never bonded. Landri, would have been whisked away. But I am grateful for the medical staff and the Neonatal Dr. they were awesome! Our Landri girl is now getting a good dose of being the baby to 3 older siblings!

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