Saturday, February 7, 2009

Our Stroller!
Bum Genius- 12 pack 3.0 ONE-SIZE
Colors: green, yellow and white
Total $203.40

We were able to buy the double stroller that we wanted...Thank you Daddy!
It was on our list of needs for the new baby and we got it..Praise the Lord.
We were also given the money to buy the second crib that we need.
We are still in need of the cloth diapers. I know it is an important investment, especially living during economic hard times and even harder times coming in the future. They will save us about $2000.00 a year and this doesn't include how much better they are for the baby and the planet. I have posted a picture and the name of the cloth diapers, with the link to the site. If you can help please let us know! Thanks