Tuesday, July 21, 2009

1 week

We currently have 1 week left in the Carolinas. Its bittersweet for me at least. All of my dads family lives over on the west side of South Carolina. So, we will miss them greatly. But we are thankful for the relationship that has been build while we were here. We will also miss friends that are staying at ZHOP.
Jake and I moved here on January 1st, 2006. We were not married or engaged yet. We started the nightwatch at ZHOP and I built the finance program. It was just Jacob and I in a lonely prayer room every night for at least 3 weeks. Than, Brian Clark came, Michael and Teri Hamilton, Tom and Hilary Lacy, Alison Watkins, Roger Joyner, Matt Welch and a few other people that I have forgotten. We all labored in the nightwatch together for the first year. Jacob and I were married on the land...long story....on April 22, 2006. It was ZHOP's first wedding! We have had both our children, Taylor and Kamdyn in the ZHOP community. We named the nightwatch internship "The Awakened." I mean I could go on and on with memories from ZHOP. We will truly miss the people and the friendships that we have built.
We are so excited for Greg and Caryn Burnett. They are going to be the new leaders for ZHOP. If you know them I would suggest funding them financial. They are one of the greatest couples that Jacob and I know and we are truly blessed to call them friends. This is Greg's email address gregburnett@zhop.org. Just let him know I asked you to fund them.


David Wornom said...

Jake & Lacy, you & your sweet fam will be sorely missed here. Have a great trip & new life!

Tom Lacy said...

So many memories, we sure love you guys and you will be missed! Excited for your family, bless you!