Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Were Moving

Yes, you read the title of this blog correctly. We are moving. Jacob and I have waited until yesterday to announce that we are moving. We are moving back to Kansas City, MO to be apart of IHOP-KC. Jacob and I went to KC about 3 weeksago, to scope it out and he was offered a position. Jacob will be the associate section leader for the 6am-12pm shift. He will also worship lead. We also took advantage of the down turn in the economy and the $8000.00 first time home buyer credit and bought our first house while we were there. We will close on it the end of this month and we will be in KC by August 1st. Jacob starts his new job on August 15!
I know this all seems very fast but, its been in the works for a while now. We were not open to telling anyone just yet. I also know some of you are thinking that we are burnt out and have had a really rough season, so thats why were going to KC. But we feel its just the opposite and we have heard the voice of the Lord, through many dreams and words. We are so excited for this new season. I will post pictures of our new home and the girls soon. We are having some family pictures done tomorrow! Continue to pray for this family as we transition.


susanna internicola said...

wow you guys! we love you still. we will miss you...be blessed in KC!

A said...

Glad you are following His voice. Love you!