Monday, January 18, 2010

Yes...I realize

Yes, I realize it has been 3 weeks since the last post. We are busy little bees around here!
1. Kamdyn, turned 9 months. She has two teeth at the bottom, stands on her own with out holding on to anything and is starting to sleep really well at night. I have to admit I am not excited that she is standing, before we know it she will be walking. She is trying to keep up with her big sister.
2. Taylor, is fast approaching 3...I can't believe it! We think she had a giant growth spurt this past month. All of a sudden all of her 3t clothes are starting to fit pretty well. Nana bought the Memory Game and we try and play it a few times a week. She is doing very well at it. She is such a big girl!
3. Jake, is doing well. He starts school again on the 18th. He will finish in August! He was also asked to begin the process of worship leading again! Which he loves. We were waiting for the opportunity to open up and it has. Worship Leading is one of the many gifts he has! He also, starts teaching this week at FMA. He is coaching two classes a week. So, as you can see he is busy.
4. Me, I am doing well. I feel as if I am settled again with being a stay at home mom. Every once in a while I get in a rut and just need a little motivation! I'm doing more with The Daily Grain, my company. I just started an ETSY, So, I'm working on that and I just finished recovering a 1974 yellow/green velvet chair, white. I think I actually did a really good job!

So, The Ferrell Family is all in all doing well! I know I haven't posted pictures in a long time! I do get a little weary about posting so many pictures, with so many strangers out there.....