Sunday, January 31, 2010


So, many of you know I have started to take up baking. Well not really, we started in 2007, grinding our own fresh grain into flour...and baking and now, it keeps growing and growing! I just started an ETSY, which many of you know already It is doing well. I am loving it!
The market last summer was a test run for us and it went so well. Every week we were selling out of our mixes. People would come back the following week, just to buy our products!
I just finished up vamping and perfecting our Organic Cinnamon Rolls (no white flour or white sugar!) They are absolutely amazing....Seriously! See the picture.

We were also featured on another blog, She bought our Ezekiel bread mix and loved it so much she decided to blog about it. She also, has an ETSY shop, where she sells handmade and vintage items. Great and awesome ETSY shop, Please check it out!

On a side note, everyone is doing well.
Taylor, will be 3 in two months! I can't believe it. She told me today, "mommy, your old!" First, I laughed and than I wanted to cry! Wow, the time really does go by fast.
Kamdyn, is doing well. She is now cutting her eye teeth. Last night she slept on me for most of the night. She needed a little comfort from mommy! Funny thing that happened, Ta ran over Kam's fingers with a little toy train, Kam started to cry and than she hit Ta in the face. Now, I wouldn't normally allow that to happen but Kamdyn's only 9 1/2 months and Ta...well she deserved it, because it wasn't an accident! I could see each others personalities coming out...and it made me laugh out loud.
Jake, is doing well. He is very busy with trips these next few months. Between Onething Conferences and his own IHOP ministry trips he's a traveling machine.
All in all the Ferrells are doing well!
Happy February!

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susanna internicola said...

those cinnamon rolls look amazing!!