Sunday, August 8, 2010

We are all doing well, just trying to survive this hot, hot summer! Florida, never felt this hot to me. We've been over 100 degrees for about a month now.
Anyways, the girls are doing well. Taylor, just got her first real big girl hair cut. She went to EJ Bain, which is the place were we get our hair cut. They shampooed, cut and blow dried her hair. She was such a big girl and of course I saved a lock of hair. It was sad!
Kamdyn, is as cute as ever! She loves to talk and say "Cheese" and "Key's" usually with a huge smile! Not as well as I write them but its really cute. She also loves to point to her nose. Did I mention she is 16 months, where does the time go?
My belly is growing and Harper is getting bigger. My official due date is 1/1/11! Crazy...I know.
We are taking a mini vacation this weekend to St. Louis. We can't wait! I bought Jacob tickets to the Cubs vs Cardinals game for Friday night. He's a Cubs fan. On Saturday, we are spending the day at the Arch, Zoo and shopping. Sunday, were going to visit Jakes mom. Side note, she is now home from the hospital, doing and feeling really well. So, we are excited to get away!
I've posted some pictures so enjoy!

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